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2019 Session 1(Fall Short Course)


Welcome to the Livonia Community Swim Club Registration for Fall Session 1

Session 1 runs from September 9, 2019 thru November 27, 2019.

A couple of things to be aware of as you register:

Payment Options and System Handling of Credits/Outstanding Balances Due

  • When you select your group (Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum/Senior/High School Fitness), you will have two payment choices: A monthly payment option and a "One payment" option.
    • The monthly option will charge 1/3 dues today, 1/3 October 1st and 1/3 November 1st.  (This option does not apply to High School Fitness Group)
    • The one payment option charges the entire amount of Session 1 dues today.
  • If you have a credit on your account, the system will then apply your credit at registration.
  • If you have an outstanding balance due on your account, the balance must be paid in full before you can begin the registration process for Session 1. To pay your balance due now, select the "My Account" option on the right side banner.  Then select the "My Invoices/Payments"  tab and then the "Make Payment" tab.
  • Only credit card payments are allowed by LCSC.

USA Swimming Membership Requirement

  • All swimmers registering for this session will automatically have a 2020 USA Swimming Membership Registration added to their cart ($80 fee per swimmer registered). If there is a reason that you do not need this (ex. High School boy swimmer who will NOT be swimming with LCSC in 2020, but already has a 2019 USA Registration), please contact Angela Allen ( after registering to get the charge removed.  
  • Current USA Swimming Membership is required when your swimmer is swimming with the LCSC swim team.

Swim Group Selection

  • New members: Through the LCSC Homepage new swimmers will sign up for swim evaluation by clicking on "Evaluation for new swimmers" link on the right side banner.  All new swimmers must be evaluated and the Coach will advise you as to which group to register your swimmer. Please make sure you know the group name (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Senior or High School Fitness) the coach has assigned to your swimmer prior to starting the registration process.
  • Returning members:  The LCSC Coach will inform your swimmer if he/she should move up to a new group level. Please have a conversation with the Coach if you are not sure if your swimmer is ready to move to a new group level prior to starting the registration process.

2019 Session 1 Dues:







High School Fitness

2019-2020 Session 1 LCSC Dues







USA Swimming Membership Registration Fee






  • Multi-swimmer Family discount: Families registering two or more swimmers will receive a $20 discount for each swimmer registered beyond the first swimmer. That is, if you register two swimmers, you will get a $20 discount, three swimmers, $40 discount, etc.
  • A late fee of $15 will be automatically assessed to your account for any unpaid balance as of the 10th of each billing cycle.  If the balance remains unpaid 15 days past the due date, your athlete(s) may not be allowed into practice until the entire outstanding balance is resolved.
  • LCSC will not pro-rate Session 1 dues.

Summer Session 1 Practice Schedule

  • Please hover your cursor over the "Practices" tab at the top banner of the LCSC web page and select the "Schedule Session 1" option to review the practice schedule by group. Note that the practice schedule and locations are subject to change and members will be notified in as much advance time as possible. There are some issues outside of our control (such as pool malfunctions, etc.) that may impact practices.
  • LCSC does not hold practices on Sundays.
  • While swimmers are encouraged to attend as many scheduled practices as possible, the coaches recognize that some swimmers will not be able to consistently attend all practices.
  • Swimmers in the High School Fitness group may attend no more than THREE practices a week and will not be eligible to participate in swim meets.

We look forward to having you join the Livonia Community Swim Club and are excited for another great swimming season!