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SST and Mini-Rays 2019-20 (Short Course)

Open for Returning Members

8/1/19 - 3/9/20

Open for New Members

8/7/19 - 3/9/20


2019-20 Short Course (Fall/Winter) Programs

Click here for Winter Mini-Rays registration

ATTENTION: Some of our groups are currently full and others are very close, if the group you are trying to register for is listed below please register for the wait list and we will be in touch to discuss what options, if any, we can offer.

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Welcome to Saline Swim Team's online registration. We are offering a wide range of programming for a variety of ages and ability levels. Please read this page carefully before beginning your registration. For more information on all programs, see our information page.

Before proceeding please note the Following:

If you have not received a group assignment email, please attend one of our evaluation days or schedule an evaluation. See the information page link above for details.

If you do not have access to your account see Starting Registration

Short Course (Fall/Winter) 2019-20 Pricing:

All registrations include a swim cap, T-shirt, registration with USA swimming1 and the creation of a Splash account2 for the swimmer. Families with more than one swimmer will receive a multi-child discount $20 off the second swimmer, $40 off the third and any additional swimmer. (This discount applies to Bronze level and up, if a family has a Mini-Rays swimmer and a SST swimmer they will not receive this discount.)




1 Payment

2 Payments

4 Payments


$70 to reg+ one payment of $625

$70 to reg + Two payment of $317.5

$70 to reg + Four payment of $161.25


$206 to Reg + one payment of $625

$206 to reg + Two payment of $317.5

$206 to reg + Four payment of $161.25


$206 to Reg + one payment of $855

$206 to reg + Two payment of $432.5

$206 to reg + Four payment of $218.75


$206 to Reg + one payment of $970

$206 to reg + Two payment of $490

$206 to reg + Four payment of $247.5


HS pricing

$206 to Reg + one payment of $1,075

$206 to reg + Two payment of $542.5

$206 to reg + Four payment of $273.75


HS pricing

$206 to Reg + one payment of $1,185

$206 to reg + Two payment of $597.5

$206 to reg + Four payment of $301.25


High School swimmer's fees. (Those swimming for their HS team in the current season). HS girls should register at the beginning of the season to ensure they have a spot when they are done with their HS season and don't miss entry deadlines.


1 USA swimming registration and Splash account is not included for Club group swimmers but may be added.

2 Each swimmer (except Club) will have a "Splash" account created for them. From this account, we will deduct meet entry fees for USA meets throughout the season. The total number of meet fees for the season will vary based on the number of meets and events swum. We will collect $100 (per swimmer) upfront for this account (included in listed price). You will receive a monthly invoice for all entry fees above that. You are welcome to add additional funds at any time. Any balance left in the account at the end of season will simply rollover to the next season, you do not lose this money.


Payment options: All options: The listed registration fee, paid by credit card, will be due at the time of registration.  1 Payment - Amount shown due by September 1st. 2 Payments - two installments due by the first of the month in October and January. 4 Payments - four installments due by the first of the month in September, November, December and February.

*Note: All families will be required to put a credit card on file at registration. Aside from the registration fees, you are welcome to pay by check. When a payment is due an email will be sent with a check due date. The card on file will automatically be charged for any account balances not paid by check by the date listed in the email.   

If you have an outstanding balance it will be added to your registration, this as well as the optional additional splash, are subject to processing fees. You are welcome to pay that amount by check before you register, please allow 1-2 business days for processing.


Mini-Ray Fall 2019 Pricing:

registrations include a swim cap and T-shirt.




Mini-Rays 1 & 2


Mini-Rays  3


Please Note: Mini-rays fall registration runs from Aug 26th-Dec 7th.  


Volunteer Requirement - (Please Read)

We cannot run successful events without volunteers! To ensure that our events run smoothly each family is required to contribute at least 12 volunteer hours (Mini-Rays/ Club 4 hours) for the various team events throughout the season. There will be many opportunities to volunteer throughout the season. You MUST volunteer for at least one session for each of our hosted meets. Families that do not meet this volunteer requirement will be required to make a donation based on the number of hours not worked, up to $80. This donation will go towards a scholarship fund that will that will be set up to help families in need of financial assistance.


Returning swimmers will receive an email with their group assignment. Once registration is open, this is the group in which you will register your swimmer.


"New" swimmers (have never swam for the team OR swam for the team prior to Sept. 2018):

Please attend one of our group evaluations on Tuesday, July 30th 6:00 pm, Thursday,

August 22nd 6:00 pm or Tuesday, August 27th 5:00 pm.

Ideally all Participants should be formally registered by Tuesday, September 3rd. No refunds will be given after 9/24/19.  Registration will remain open as long as space is available, please see contacts below to set up an evaluation time.