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MOC 2022 Registration

Open for Returning Members

6/1/22 - 7/28/22

Open for New Members

6/1/22 - 7/28/22


Welcome to the Meet of Champions online registration.

DO NOT LOG IN TO THE PAGE instead go to CONTINUE below!

You will need to create a new family account if you are new to MOC or login during the registration process to your account from 2022 on this specific MOC Teamunify page. If you register Please do not mistake this registration process with your team or NCSL account. Neither of them are linked to the MOC page.

Please register your qualified swimmers, acknowledge our waiver forms with a digital signature and pay the flat fee of $40 via our credit card system ($20 fee for relay-only). The fee will cover splash fee and all qualified individual and relay events and a link to our program for download.

Your team will be asked to submit your qualified entries directly to us.

After you have registered your swimmer(s) please proceed to the event itself and sign up for the volunteer shift. A meet of this size will need all hands on deck and we appreciate your help.

No refunds of the registration fee.



Registration is not open. Please come back later.