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Winter 2021 Registration

Welcome to Dolphins Swim Club Registration for the 2021 WINTER Season

To register, the swimmer must have received an email with the swimmer's practice location and days and times.



For Returning Swimmers: Register with the training group identified for your swimmer/s in the email sent to you as there is limited openings due to capacity restrictions at the new practice locations.


The Master's practice facility is not available.  We are not registering any Masters swimmers at this time.


Registrations Process:  Please read this page to the bottom for information regarding the Registration and other team information.  At the bottom of the page, you will click the green button labelled "Continue or Check Status" to start the registration process. Then follow the screens and enter required information. A CREDIT CARD is required to complete the registration process. The January training group fee per swimmer will be charged at the close of registration.  There will  be a fee for USA Swimming 2021 FLEX Membership Registration fee at this time for $20.  You will be required to pay any balance in your account at registration. 

If your swimmer has already registered for their 2021 USA Swimming Registration, there is a question in registration asking for that information and your $20 registration fee will be refunded.  If you have multiple swimmers with their 2021 USA Swimming membership, please contact Adrienne Tirch at [email protected]

** PLEASE NOTE: If during registration, you encounter problems with drop down menus not working, try changing your internet browser to Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and try again.

Registration Fee:  $20 for 2021 Winter Swim

  • Swimmers, aged 18 and younger, will be registered for their 2021 USA Swimming FLEX Membership.
  • Flex membership allows 2 USA Swimming sanctioned meets.  These 2 meets must be below the LSC Championship level
  • If needed, a swimmer can convert to Premium Membership at anytime which allows for participation in additional USA Swimming sanctioned meets including meets at the championship level.  An additional $56 will be billed to their Dolphins account.  Please contact Adrienne Tirch at [email protected] to convert membership.
  • Swimmers over the age of 18 will need to register for the 2021 USA Swimming Premium Membership for $76

2021 Winter Season Training Group Fees & Payment Schedule:

  • 2021 Winter Season Registration:
    • Month by Month Registration
    • Starting at the end of January:
      • At the end of each month, a survey will be sent to each swimmer to determine if they want to continue into the next month (instead of re-registering each month)
      • If swimmer continues, their Dolphins account will be billed on the 1st of the next month for that month's fee
      • If swimmer does not continue into the next month, their membership will go on hold and their Dolphins Account will not be billed.
    • Link to 2021 Winter Practice Schedule: Click Here
  • Brewster 2021 Winter Swim Fees:
    • PLEASE select Brewster 2020-21 Swim Training Group during Registration
    • January Fees:  $120, Due at Registration (includes 2021 USA Swimming FLEX membership)
    • February Fees:  $100 due on February 1st
    • March Fees:  $125 due on March 1st
  • Newburgh 2021 Winter Swim Fees:
    • PLEASE select Newburgh 2020-21 Swim Training Group during Registration
    • January Fees:  $120 Due at Registration (includes 2021 USA Swimming FLEX membership)
    • February Fees:  $100 due on February 1st
    • March Fees: $125 due on March 1st
  • Kingston 2021 Winter Swim Fees:
    • PLEASE select Kingston 2021 Winter Swim Training Group during Registration
    • January Fees:  $245 Due at Registration (includes 2021 USA Swimming FLEX membership)
    • February Fees:  $225 due on February 1st
    • March Fees: $225 due on March 1st
  • Meet Fees:  None as there will be NO MEETS scheduled during January, February & March
  • Practice Safety:
    • All Swimmers must wear a mask into the practice location.  Masks must be worn at all time except when in the pool.  Have swimmer bring plastic bag with their name on it to store their mask during practice
    • Swimmers should not attend practice if they are not feeling well.
    • Only Swimmers are allowed into the practice facilities
    • Locker rooms are NOT available at the practice facilities.  Please have swimmers dress accordingly.
    • Attendance/Sign in will be required at all practices for contact tracing
    • Swimmers have been placed into specific practice days and lane pods to minimize exposure.  Practice Days and Lane Assignments can not be changed or swapped. See your email for detailed information.
    • Practice Lanes:  Swimmers will be assigned socially distant locations in their lanes.

Waivers and Policies:

Please read all of the information and documents CAREFULLY prior to electronically signing off on them.  During the registration process, you will be required to sign the following waivers and policies which are available to view on the "Safe Sport" tab on the top menu:

  1. Waivers: Medical, Liability, and Photo/Video
  2. Hudson Valley Dolphins Refund Policy & COVID-19 Waiver
  3. Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP)
  4. Hudson Valley Dolphins Codes of Conduct: Parents, Swimmers and Honor
  5. Hudson Valley Dolphins Anti-Bullying Policy


Registration completed: When registration is complete, an email will be sent to the email address that started the registration.  This email address will be your userid to access your Dolphins account.


If you have questions regarding registration, please contact our Registration Coordinator, Adrienne Tirch at [email protected]

Registration is not open. Please come back later.
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