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2020-21 KCSA Registration eff 9/14

Open for Returning Members

9/14/20 - 4/1/21

Open for New Members

9/14/20 - 4/1/21

50 Members

2020-2021 KCSA Registration

SM Aquatic Center Guidlines

  Open this link and read.

  • Only swimmers allowed in the facility 
  • Masks at all times
  • 6 ft distance at all times
  • Maps of drop off and pick up !!
  • Must adhere to all SMSD guidelines are we lose this pool. NO EXCEPTIONS


Shawnee Mission Aquatic CenterPractice at SMSD Aquatic center will begin Sept 21 - 4:30-7:30. 

  • HS/Elite Monday thru Thursday - 4:30-6PM thru (11/15 then times change) - 10 spots
  • JO Monday thru Thursday - approx start time is 5:45PM (11/15 then times change) - 10 spots
  • AG Chooses 2 days - approx start time is 6:30PM (11/15 then start times change) - 10 spots
  • Please keep in mind this may change where we can get more swimmers in the water once we get out of the orange zone.

BV High School

  • HS Elite Mon thru Thur. 6-8pm with (10Spots available)


  • AG (6-7PM) and JO (6-7:30PM) - AG chooses 2 days
  • Monday - 6 spots
  • Tuesday - 6 spots
  • Wednesday - 6 spots
  • Thursday - 6 spots


Program Groups

  • All program groups pay Registration Fee of $125, except MaryJo's Superkids, which is $80.
    •       AG. $155
    •       JO.  $180
    •       HS/Elite.  $180. (HS Swimmers will be set up as 9 months.  Therefore you MUST email ( the state your child attends HS and your childs sex so that you won't be charged during your child's HS swim season.  No refunds if parent fails to send the email at registration
    •       Super Kids (SMSD only)

IMPORTANT READ this before registering.

  • NO REFUNDS - fees due through May even if your child stops swimming (HS exception on registration-see not above). If no pool is available you will not be charged.

  • Fundraising/Volunteering - TBD

  • Swimmers registering for meets will be responsible for the meet entry fees & coaches fees.

  • There will be days throughout the season, we may not be able to hold practice due to school activities or schedule practice at another site

  • Once High School swim teams begin, there will be days that practice will be changed to another location or canceled due to High School Swim Meets.

  • School Activities and High School Swim is the reason we offer multiple days per week to practice.

    • We do not practice like Labor Day or the day before a Monday Holiday like Martin Luther King Day.



QUESTIONS: please contact Bonita at 816-863-2129 any day.


Age Group (AG) ages 7-14  - 1 hour practices - $155/month
Elementary to Middle School swimmers new to swimming and/or continuing to develop sound fundamentals for all four strokes.  Must be able to swim 25 yards freestyle and back with breath control and not stopping the first day of practice.  May swim 1-3 times a week(No HS Swimmers) and once we move indoors, they will choose their specific days of swim.

Junior Olympic (JO) ages 10-14 - 1-1 1/2 hr practices - $180/month
This group is for Advanced Age group competitive swimmers, who legally swim all four strokes. Generally Jr High Middle School students qualify. Swim meets are highly recommended and encouraged. May swim 3-4 times per week 1-1 ½ hours.                     

HS/Elite - 1 1/2 hours - $180/month

All swimmers and serious competitive swimmer. Training for USA SWIMMING Championship meets and/or training for their High School Season or to  achieve State Consideration and State Cuts.  Swim with their school during the HS swim season and available for those that swim all year and do not have a HS team. Expected to attend every practice and attend meets.


Super Kids 1/2 hr - $75/month  Homestead/Shawnee Mission Aquatic Center only

Ages 3-8    New swimmers must be approved to join this group must be approved by Bridget or Mary Jo. Click on the email link for Bridget or Mary Jo to set up a time for evaluation. This will be a beginning instructional swim program.


Bonita Holland
816-863-2129 .  Leave a message if I don't answer.  

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