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Swim Ithaca Winter Season - October 2019- March 2020



Registration for the Swim Ithaca Winter 2019-2020 season is now open!  The Winter Meet season runs from October through March.  Any questions? Ask Steve Clapp.

Before you register, your swimmer needs to be registered with the Ithaca College Swim Training Clinic. Click here for the link to the registration form.   

How the Clinic and Club work:
The Swim Ithaca Club team provides the USA Swimming competitive experience for our swimmers, while the IC swim clinic provides the training/practice. To compete with the team, you also need to register with the clinic (link here) for your training. You can participate in the clinic without joining the club team if you just want to swim for exercise and don’t mind missing out on the fun and exhilaration of the team camaraderie and swim meets. Conversely, you cannot swim on the club team without also joining the clinic! 

If you have any questions about the IC Swim Training Clinic registration contact Jon Husson

The Swim Ithaca Winter registration enables swimmers to compete in USA Swimming Sanctioned meets for the 2019-2020 Winter Season.  Please check the Meet/Events tab above to check out our meet schedule.  

USA Swimming registration ($82) is required and must be processed through the Swim Ithaca.  The USA swimming registration runs from September 2019 until December 31, 2020. 

2019-20 Registration Groups

Winter Season (includes Varsity Girls) - $300 plus $82 for USA swimming registration. 

Varsity Boys - $100 plus $82 for USA swimming registration.

8 and under - $200 plus $82 for USA swimming registration.

Flex Pass - $100 plus $20 for USA swimming registration - 2 sanctioned meets plus unsanctioned STSL meets.  Flex Pass allows the swimmer to participate in a few meets without committing to the full Winter season.  The swimmer can then sign up for the full winter season on a prorated basis if they decide they want to love it!

A credit card is required to check out. 

USA Swimming, Niagara Swimming and Swim Ithaca offer reduced fees for families that qualify for athlete outreach.  Click here for more information.  All support will need to be approved by Niagara Swimming. Please fill out the application and email Steve Clapp to help you with your registration.

Any questions please contact Steve Clapp.