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Wahoo Weekend Athlete Registration

Open for Returning Members

1/26/19 - 3/15/19

Open for New Members

1/4/19 - 1/4/19


This is the Wahoo Weekend Athlete Registration page.  The registration fee is $125 per athlete.  
There are 3 steps to successfully register your swimmer for Wahoo Weekend:
Step 1:  Complete this Wahoo Weekend Athlete Registration page.
Step 2:  Using the link below, complete the Wahoo Weekend Google Form for EACH registered athlete.  If you are sending more than one swimmer to Wahoo Weekend, you will need to complete the form for each swimmer.
Step 3:  Complete the Wahoo Weekend Hotel Payment page on Team Unify (unless your swimmer will be rooming with another swimmer who has already completed the Wahoo Weekend Hotel Payment page.)
Please note the following:
  • Teams eligible to register for Wahoo Weekend include:  Streaks, Snappers, Dolphins & Blues.  
  • All swimmers regardless of age MUST ride the team bus to Wahoo Weekend.  There will be no exceptions.
  • Swimmers have the choice of returning to BAC on the bus or returning home with their parent/guardian after being signed out by a BAC coach but this must be noted in the Wahoo Weekend Google Form
  • Once an athlete is registered for Wahoo Weekend, no refunds are possible.