Stingray Swim Team : Start Registration

2017-2018 Registration

Open for Returning Members

8/16/17 - 8/6/18

Open for New Members

8/23/17 - 8/14/18



1st Day of Practice is Aug. 28th!!

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Which Group Am I in?  All returning swimmers will re-enter the same group as they were previously in.  If you have questions about moving up groups you can ask your direct coach.  If you are new, you must be evaluated prior to being accepted onto the team and you will be assigned a group at the time of evaluation.  

This year swimmers will need to pick a home pool.  Going back and forth between pools is not the most effective formula for developing consistency in our athletes.  It will be allowed as an "exception" only if there are open roster spots:

All former SRST members are guaranteed a spot on the team if registration is complete before Aug. 23rd.  HS swimmers may "keep their spot" on the roster by paying the reduced HS rate during the HS season.  In fact all returning HS swimmer are REQUIRED to pay 50% rate during HS season.


Registration is not open. Please come back later.