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Open for Returning Members

4/1/21 - 6/8/21

Open for New Members

4/1/21 - 6/8/21


Welcome to the Barrington Blue Fins Electronic Registration platform for the Summer 2021 swim season! We are pleased to offer online registration. The process is simple for both new and returning members. You'll get access to your own private account that will enable you to easily declare for virtual swim meets if we are able to offer any, sign-up for volunteering if we determine any needs, see your children's swim times histories, maintain your own contact information, and more. 

ALL developmental swimmers who are new to the team will be required to tryout.  Tryouts will be over Memorial Day weekend and announced closer to the start of the pool's opening to those families who are new.  For new families, do go ahead and register your children ahead of time so we will know how to reach you.  

Regular registration closes on May 10 with late adds starting on May 11th (late registration fee of $20 per child).   Please realize that we may not be able to accommodate your swimmers' t-shirt size if you register late (we will be ordering them on May 11th from the vendor).  Registration closes down on May 31st so we can have our rosters finalized for the start of practice the next day.  No refunds are given - any new swimmers trying out should register ahead of time -- do not turn in the registration fee until immediately after the tryout if the Head Coach has alerted you that your swimmer(s) are on the team.

If your child does not make the team this summer, please tell them not to be discouraged.  Swim lessons of some sort will be offered, we hope, at the pool this summer.  The Pool Committee will be making the decision in consultation with the pool management company as to when and how they will be offered.   Please understand that safety is our top priority here and kids MUST be able to swim laps and follow our guidelines for physical distancing, etc.

Please Note: We will hold a Fins Up! Registration Night on Tuesday, April 27th from 6-8pm by the front entrance breezeway outside the pool.  An eblast will go out closer to the event as a reminder.  If needed, the rain date will be April 28th, same time, same place.  We will have some small spirit wear items for purchase.  At this event, please wear a mask and exercise physical distancing.  Children cannot start practicing with the team until their registration fee and signed waivers are turned in.  Cassell's will not be in attendance, however, you can order and pay for the team suit through an online store we set up for the team - an eblast will go out when the team store is live on the website.  The online store will close down on May 5th. 

Team t-shirts: You will select a t-shirt size during registration and please be careful that you select the YOUTH or the ADULT size.  The smallest size we can order is a youth medium

Barrington Blue Fins’ Procedures for Team Practices - Summer 2021 (subject to change per Fairfax County and State guidelines).

Because protocols are still in flux due to the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic we are waiting for guidelines issued by the State as well as the Colonial Swim League.  We will be holding meets (probably a unique mix) this summer -- guidelines and protocols will be posted when we know them.  Any activities we are able to offer the Blue Fin swimmers will keep safety in mind as our priority.  For instance, no concessions will be sold at meets, parents will be asked to watch from the parking lot if they aren't needed on the deck in a volunteer capacity to minimize capacity.  Certain activities that we've held during "normal" summers that can't be socially distant will not take place unless modified to fit safety guidelines.

Once again we ask for your patience and your flexibility!  This will still not be a "normal" season like we had pre-2020 because we are in a pandemic.  When we know more, we will send out team emails.

Our Barrington Blue Fins Season begins on Tuesday, June 1, for after-school practices and then, once school ends, will switch over to morning practices starting on June 14th.  If they do happen, Divisionals is scheduled for July 24th, and All Stars will be practicing from July 26-30 with All Stars scheduled for July 31.  

Ability to Join the Blue Fins Team During Summer 2021

In addition to being able to float and tread water, swimmers must be able to swim laps across the pool during practice unassisted by coaches.  The Head Coach will arrange tryouts for swimmers who she is uncertain possess the skill set to accomplish this.  Safety is our top priority.

Each swimmer who registers for the team must demonstrate at the first practice that they are mature enough to understand being physically distant from their peers and from their coaches - based on whatever health protocols the state and USA swimming issue.  If a swimmer is unable to demonstrate this, then he/she will be required to leave the team and try again next summer.   Safety is our top priority.

Safety Precautions at the Barrington Pool During Practices

Health Issues, Physical Distancing, Mask Requirements

Families are not to send their children to practice if any family member with whom they live is sick with COVID-19 or displays symptoms consistent with having it. Swimmers will also not be permitted to attend practice if they have a fever or other symptoms of Covid 19 - parents must keep them home.   Any swimmer showing symptoms before or during practice will be asked to go home immediately.  

All coaches will wear masks when athletes are entering and exiting the Barrington Pool. 

All swimmers will wear masks while they are waiting to enter the Barrington Pool, while they are entering the Pool, while they are on deck before practice, and while they are exiting the Barrington Pool at the end of practice.  The only exception would be made for a swimmer with a condition that prohibits him or her to wear a mask pending medical documentation.  This exception must be arranged beforehand with the swimmers’ parents contacting the Head Coach, and then the Team Reps approval.

There will be appropriate social distancing markings along the entrance at the Barrington Pool for swimmers to line up to ensure spacing apart prior to entering the pool area.  Once swimmers enter the Barrington Pool deck, they will stand in front of their assigned lane, on the assigned side of the pool deck, and await instructions from their Coach.

Barrington Pool Procedures

Swimmers who arrive for practice will only have access to the pool.  There will be no restroom use unless it is an emergency.  If a swimmer does need to use the restroom for an emergency, it will be immediately disinfected by one of the coaches or an adult supervisor.

There will be no changing into swimsuits at the pool.  Swimmers must arrive with swimsuits on ready to swim.

The showers in the restroom are off-limits to swimmers unless there is an emergency and permission is given by the Head Coach. 

Arrival/Departure Procedures

Swimmers must line up to enter ten minutes before their scheduled practice time.  If swimmers arrive earlier than ten minutes before practice, they should wait in their car with their parents or wait socially distanced from others (delineated by marker reminders).  

Blue Fins swimmers must be wearing masks while they wait.

Swimmers should not arrive late to practice.  In order to keep everyone appropriately distanced on deck/in the water, if a swimmer arrives after their practice has started, the swimmer should wait outside the gate until they are instructed to enter by a coach.

Swimmers will arrive at the front entrance and will be allowed into the pool area through the front gate - no one will be entering a practice through the bathrooms.  Swimmers will be asked to use hand sanitizer at the entrance before entering the pool area.

Swimmers will not be allowed to enter the pool gate until the coach directs them into the Barrington Pool area. 

Parents/guardians of Blue Fins swimmers are not permitted to enter the pool area.  Parents must remain in the parking lot area (either stay in their car or bring their own chairs and remain socially distant in the parking lot) for the duration of each practice.  

When the Head Coach allows the swimmers into the pool area for practice, the coaching staff will announce the line-up, ensure the proper social distancing, and then allow swimmers to enter the pool for practice.  Swimmers will be directed by the coaching staff where to stow their towels and take off their masks (we will encourage swimmers to bring a plastic bag for their masks).

Swimmers must stay appropriately socially distant at all times.  No close socializing in groups will be allowed.

Once practice ends, the Blue Fins’ swimmer must collect their belongings, don their masks, leave the pool deck immediately, and head home.  

Health Measures

Swimmers should take their temperature at home prior to practice.  Swimmers and coaches cannot have had a temperature over 100.4 degrees’ cough, or difficulty breathing in the last fourteen days.  If any athlete or coach has a fever or symptoms of a respiratory illness of unknown cause, they may not attend practice until fourteen days after the fever or symptoms have ceased.

Any swimmer or coach experiencing any symptoms of fever, recent cough, chills, muscle pain, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, sore throat, or new loss of taste or smell, or has had any exposure to someone who has any symptoms, should remain at home and seek testing and medical treatment.

Swimmers and coaches cannot have had close contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last fourteen days.

If a swimmer or coach has ever been diagnosed or suspected to have COVID-19, they must be deemed no longer contagious by a physician to return to practice.

Positive COVID-19 Testing

Once practices have begun, should a swimmer or a coach test positive for COVID-19, the following measures will take place:

The individual should let the Head Coach or the Team Reps know immediately.  The Barrington Homeowners Association will be notified so that the Barrington Pool can be sanitized prior to the Barrington Pool being reopened

The individual will not be allowed back to practice until they test negative for COVID-19 and a physician has deemed the swimmer or coach is no longer contagious.


For the safety of all swimmers, coaches, and families, any swimmer who fails to follow the above guidelines will be removed from practice and, at the discretion of the Head Coach or Team Reps, all future practices.

Swimmers removed from practice will be required to speak with the Head Coach prior to their return to practice.  Parents/guardians will be notified as well.

If you think your child is not mature enough to follow these guidelines, then do not register for the team this summer. 

We look forward to another fun summer with the Barrington Blue Fins!

Registration is not open. Please come back later.