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13-18 Campout

Open for Returning Members

5/1/17 - 6/24/17

Open for New Members

5/1/17 - 6/24/17

263 Members

YWST 13-18 Campout 2017

June 24, 25 & 26

And the tradition carries on! We hope that all teens take part in this important bonding, team building, memorable camping trip! This is your trip!


Camanche Reservoir – South Shore, Lakeside Camp Ground, Camp Sites 162, 163, 166, 167, 169.


Pre-Camp Preparation

This takes a village to put together and many areas for parents to help make it happen. Shopping, food prep, cooking, packing, donating supplies, driving, chaperones. Please step up and help where you can to make this happen.



We will leave immediately following the swim meet at YWST on the 24th. All hands on deck will be needed to pack U-Haul truck and get kids in carpool cars and off. They should plan on eating before leaving and or bringing lunch. Some cars will be stop make sure you have enough cash for lunch on the way up and ride home.



All campers help unload and set up.  No one takes off to lake till it’s done.  We will eat 7pm after set up and walk down to the lake. Campers will help with set up, cooking and clean up. Important to drink lots of water while on the trip.


Sleeping arrangements

  • All swimmers sleep on tarps under the stars in 2 separate areas, girl coaches will be with girls and boy coaches with boys. Chaperones will be in close vicinity.

  • Campground quite hours are 10pm to 7am.


Meal preparation & clean-up

  • All teen campers are expected to help in meal preparation & clean up. Helping

    to keep camp area neat and orderly, helping out when needed or asked. Picking up and throwing away trash, keeping campsite clean.



  • We will have ski boats. Boat safety will always be the number one priority. Only experienced adult drivers will be allowed to pilot the boats.

  • Each boat takes out campers for approx. an hour of skiing, tubing, etc. then comes back to pick up the next load. A sign up will be taken and everyone will have an opportunity to go out. The driver is the absolute authority on the boat.


  • There will be a minimum of 6 chaperones. They are volunteers.

  • Chaperone Drivers will be assigned parking pass. 

  • We will have a chaperone at camp and with groups depending on activity.



  • No one is to leave campground or camp area without being in a group and notifying chaperones, including coaches.

  • Campers will be in “Buddy Groups” of 3 or more, you must know or be with your group at all times.

  • No one is to use restrooms unless they are with Buddy or Chaperone.



  • In general meal times will be 9am breakfast, lunch at noon, and 7pm dinner. There will be a Snack table for snacking throughout the day.

  • All campers are required to help out whether cleaning, prepping food, cooking, getting water and or after meal clean up. Everyone will be asked to help. If everyone helps there’s little work and lots of fun.

  • Please notify us if there are food allergies or special diets needed.


Other Items of Note

  • Illegal drugs or alcohol will result in immediate removal from trip and team.

  • Disrespectful behavior toward a chaperone will be grounds for immediate removal from the trip. Parents will be called and teen will need to be picked up.

  • Inappropriate conduct including but not limited to sexual contact will result in immediate removal from the trip.

  • No outside visitors or non YWST registered swimmers allowed.

  • No swimming after dark. No leaving campground area.

  • Campground policies must be adhered to by all campers.

  • We represent Ygnacio Wood Swim Team at all times.


Registration and Fees

  • Registration will be online, go to YWST Teen Camp Out

  • http://ywst.org/13-18-campout-details/

  • Trip Fee $115, covers campsites, transportation, food and misc. items

  • No camper will be left out for lack of funds


Emergency Contact Numbers

  • Park Office209-763-5178  Entry Gate: 209-763-5913

  • Night Patrol: 209-781-6009  


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