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2021 Registration


Welcome to the 2021 Season!!  Our big theme this summer is flexibility!  COVID is going to make our summer look and feel a bit different, but with flexibility and understanding by all, we should have a lot of fun this summer! 

We know many may have questions, so we will attempt to answer below:
  • Will there be COVID rules around the pool? 
    • While the City hasn't supplied all of the details, we are comfortable saying that there will be distancing measures and capacity limits.  Mask are recommended, however will not be required, as the County does not have mask requirements. 
  • Will temperatures be taken at the pool?
    • No
  • Will we be tracking the swimmers who are at each practice in the event that there is a positive case?  
    • Yes.
  • If someone tests positive,  will we be notified? 
    • If someone tests positive, the City will be notified and they will manage the notification.
  •  Will we have swim meets? 
    • Yes, but they will look different, as will be have intrasquad meets.  This means our meets will just be amongst our own team.  We will not be traveling to other pools and we will not be hosting meets against outside teams.  
  • Will there be a limit to the number of swimmers on the team? 
    • We plan to accommodate all of our returning swimmers, as well add some new swimmers, however, we as the numbers grow, we may find the need to stop allowing new registrations or restrict registrations in different age groups.  We recommend registering as early as possible so you can guarantee your place on the team.
  • When will registration begin? 
    • Registration for returning swimmers and St Peters residents with a resident card will begin on Saturday (April 10).  Registration for all others will open on April 24th. PLEASE NOTE...there is a change to how you register this MUST register with the City FIRST!  Your registration confirmation number from the City will be REQUIRED for you to submit a team registration.  
  • Where do I go to register with the City? 
    • You are welcome to register in person,  or you can register through the RecPlex website.  To register online, you will need to have a login and password.  IF YOU DO NOT HAVE  A CITY login and password, you will have to request.  PLEASE NOTE the process takes approximately 2 days to complete, so if you don't have the login, so please start now!
  • When can I register on the Dolphins website? 
    • Once you have your City receipt, you will then be able register on our site.  You will need to have your receipt number to register.  Registrations on our site with phony City confirmation numbers will not be MUST register with the City first. 
  • What is the cost going to to be this year? 
    • As always, the City fees will be handles through the RecPlex and we don't have those details.  Our team fees will be $55 per family,  plus $10 per additional child.  The registration fees help cover the cost of a t-shirt for the swimmer, league fees (covers ribbons and insurance), treats when we have them (donuts/popciscles), coach and board t-shirts, and NEW THIS YEAR, 2 caps per white and one blue.  These will be used to determine our "home" and "away" teams during our meets.
  • When will practices be? 
    • Our overall practice times will be W, Th, F mornings from 7:30 - 9:45 am, and T, W, Th evenings from 6 - 9:15 pm.  Age specific time frames will be determined AFTER registration closes so we can take into consideration how many swimmers we have in each age group.
  • Will I be restricted to certain practice times? 
    • It depends on the number of swimmers we have in each age group.  We will be asking you to commit to morning or evening during registration in the even we need to impose restrictions.  We will likely need to require swimmers only practice with their age groups this year.  Allowing siblings to swim up/down with other siblings will likely NOT be possible during to restrictions in number of kiddos per lane.
Registration is not open. Please come back later.