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2022 Registration

Welcome to the Castle Crocs Electronic Registration platform for our upcoming swim season! The process is simple for both new and returning members. You'll get access to your own private account that will enable you to easily declare for swim meets, sign-up for jobs, see your children's swim time histories, maintain your own contact information, and more.

Fees for 2022 are $229 for all swimmers!

Practice Times by Age Group.  Depending on registration numbers, we may be required to assign practice and location times. When you register, you will use the 'location' field to select your swimmer age group/practice time & location- i.e 7:00 am @ HOA#2. Please select your first choice and we will do our best to accommodate it should this be necessary.

Volunteer requirements: All swim teams rely on parent volunteers to run the swim meets. In addition to the meet attendance requirement, each family will be required to fulfill volunteer requirements in order for their swimmers to participate in meets. If your swimmer is competing in a meet, a family member will be required to volunteer for half of the meet.  If it is not possible for you to fulfill your meet volunteer requirement, you can pay a volunteer opt-out fee of $50 per meet for a maximum of two meets. Opting out must be done BEFORE your child is registered for the meet to allow time to fill/hire for that volunteer position. Please remember that we cannot host or attend meets without volunteers and so it is critically important that we all do our part. You may even enjoy it! If we do not have sufficient volunteers to operate the meet, the opt-out option may not be available. In addition, the opt-out option will not be available for Prelim, Championship, and All-Star meets. You can pay the opt-out fee by check and give it to a board member at practice or there is an option to pay this fee upfront during registration.

If your swimmer has declared that they will be swimming in a meet and you have not signed up to volunteer, a volunteer position will be assigned to you. If that position is not fulfilled, you will be required to pay a $100 volunteer no-show fee before your swimmer will be eligible to participate in future swim meets.

Forms: We accept electronic signatures for the Medical/Liability Waiver and the Family agreement form. Insurance Forms are also available electronically - no need to print and sign anything! 

Please direct all questions to [email protected]
We look forward to having you join the Castle Crocs and are excited for another great season!