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Pizza Cheer Night 2018


This is the registration form for Pizza/Cheer night...it looks a lot like the registration form for signing up for the team.  It may be a wee-bit confusing.  Here are some tips that should help eliminate some confusion.

  1. Select your Tidalwaves' Account to register.
  2. The form will be pre-populated with the info you provided at registration. You don't need to edit this.
  3. There is a page for Member Selection.  On this page:
    1. Select each of your registered swimmers who will be attending (don't worry, non-swimmers can come too!  You'll register them on the next page).
    2. For each swimmer you have to Click on the "Select Group to Register to" link.
    3. We have only one group to register to..."Event Registration", you must select this for each of your attending swimmers.
    4. There is an option to add new members--IGNORE THIS.  Just continue to next page.
  4. On the Fee Summary page, you can add the additional number of children and adults who will be attending.  The fee is the same for everybody, $8.50.
  5. Yes, we will have gluten free pizza available!  There is a $1.00/person surcharge for this.  Please make sure you indicate your desire for this on the registration form.
  6. When you complete your payment the system will only tell you the successful number of members that were registered.  However, on your receipt that the system sends it will show all the people you registered.  We will have record of this at the door.
  7. Pre-registering will ensure you an $8.50/person fee (and allow us to better estimate how much pizza we need to buy!).
  8. ​Everyone must pay to get in, even if you don't want to eat.
  9. ​All swimmers must have a responsible adult present.  This is not a drop off event.
  10. Tadpoles and their families are welcome too. A great way to learn more about the team!

That's it!  GO   WAVES!!