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Jr. Swim Team Membership 2020


NOTE:  You should ONLY be using this registration if your swimmer is age 13 or over and you are NOT signing up for a family membership at Woodridge.  If you will be joining the pool as a family and signing your children up for swim team, please use the Swim Team and Pool Registration page. 

Welcome to Woodridge Warriors online registration! The 2020 Jr. Swim Team Fees are as follows:

  • $199 for Jr. Swim Team Membership  (13 and over swimmers only; no family membership; no swimming privileges)
  • $275 for Jr. Swim Team Plus Membership (13 and over swimmers only; no family membership; full swimming privileges)

Note: Jr. Swim Team Membership must be paid in full prior to participating in swim team practice.


After registering, please complete both the (1) Midlakes Hold Harmless Agreement, and (2) Lystedt Law Parent/Athlete form. Complete, print and sign both fillable forms. Please scan and email the forms to Julie and Emily, swim team coordinators, wrswimteamcoordinators@gmail.com

For questions about online registration, please call or email Coach Carrie Nordberg @ (425) 221-9685   clnordberg@hotmail.com

Midlakes Hold Harmless Agreement

Lystedt Law Parent/Athlete

We look forward to having you join the Woodridge Warriors and are excited for another great season! smiley