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March 2021

Open for Returning Members

2/15/21 - 3/5/21

Open for New Members

2/17/21 - 3/5/21



ALL Registrations are FINAL. No refunds or credits will be issued because of the strict lane limitations.

Registration MUST be completed by Credit Card online


March 1-April 1 (Monday thru Thursday)

Space is limited so register early!


Group                             Time                                         Fees                     

Ages *9-12                               3:45-4:45 pm (60 min)                         $170.00 /mo    

Ages 13-18                               3:45-5:00 pm (75 min)                         $185.00 /mo    

Ages **7-10                             4:45-5:30 pm (45 min)                         $145.00/mo

Ages 8u                                   5:00-5:30 pm (30 min)                         $120.00 /mo                                        

Ages 8u                                   5:30-6:00 pm (30 min)                         $120.00 /mo

Ages 8-12                               5:30-6:15 pm (45 min)                          $145.00/mo

Ages 11-18                              6:15-7:15 pm (60 min)                          $170.00/mo

Space is limited per Age Group: In the event the clinic you are signing up for is full, you will be placed on a waiting list.  In the event we can add more spaces, swimmers on the waiting list will be added first.

*9/10-year-old swimmers must have knowledge of all four competitive strokes and be comfortable swimming multiple laps.  If they are not, it is recommended they start out with the 7-10 age group.

**7/8-year-old swimmers must have knowledge of all four competitive strokes and be comfortable swimming multiple laps.  If they are not, it is recommended they start out with the 8u age group.

Please note—ALL swimmers Must be able to swim strongly across the pool without assistance. NO coaches are allowed in the water and all groups are swimming 25 yards.

During March we will be focusing on helping our swimmers develop the skills and techniques necessary to build a strong swim foundation.  Our swimmers develop at different rates and some skills are more difficult than others to master.  We will build upon the basics and continue to develop our swimmers to the best of their abilities at their pace.  We will be focusing on all four competitive strokes, turns, and dives (weather permitting).  Some of our swimmers will be learning the beginning fundamentals of competitive swim, while some of our swimmers will be developing the more technical components of competitive swim.  All are dependent on building upon where the athlete is starting at. 


  • Per CSD rules, parents will not be allowed in the facility. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Parents must drop swimmers off within 10 minutes of your session start time. Later arrivals WILL NOT be accommodated. An EGP coach will be stationed at the main gate to check in and direct swimmers.  If a coach is not at the gate when you arrive, please wait patiently at the gate.  A coach will be up there to check you in prior to your swim session.
  • A temperature check will be required upon entry. If you have a temperature above 100, you will not be admitted.
    • We suggest that kids not run around in the heat prior to entry as that can affect body temperatures. If your temperature is elevated and we cannot let you in, no refunds will be issued.
  • All swimmers are required to wear a mask into as they enter the facility, while on deck and when leaving the facility. 
  • Maximum of 4 swimmers per lane. Lane assignments will be distributed.
  • Swimmers MUST sign up for their appropriate group.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • In the event the group you are signing up for is full, you will be placed on a waiting list. 
  • Swimmers must bring their own goggles, cap, fins, and water bottle with name on it.  Because of COVID-19 we cannot loan these out.  During winter clear goggles are recommended for them to use.  This will aid in seeing the flags, the walls, etc. better. 
  • Kickboards will be used, and we will be sanitizing kickboards after each use.
  • No locker room use will be allowed, swimmers must come dressed and ready to swim and leave promptly afterwards. 
  • No mingling or hanging out with friends. Parents, please communicate the seriousness of this requirement.
  • Parents must promptly pick up their swimmers when the swimmers’ group is finished.  Parents instruct your swimmer to see a coach if they cannot find you. 
  • During the colder months, remember the water is heated between 80-82 degrees.  It is the one sport that, thankfully, we can swim in the cold and rain.  The only time we will not swim in the rain is if it is hurricane like conditions or thundering and lightning over the pool area.  When raining, have your swimmers bring a large garbage bag to place their belongings in. We will have them under the awnings, but this ensures their items will stay dry.
  • Have swimmers bring warm clothes to wear on their way out after practice.  That is when it feels most cold. 
  • Please see our safety rules and guidelines information sheet that is posted to our website. 
Registration is not open. Please come back later.