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2019 Stroke Clinic Session 2

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4/21/19 - 6/26/19

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4/21/19 - 6/26/19

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Welcome to the Brookdale Buccaneers Electronic Registration platform for stroke clinic.�We are pleased to offer electronic registration. The process is simple for active members.

For 2019, we are offering two sessions of stroke clinics: June 10-13 (June 14 rain date) and July -13, 5 (no rain date). You can do one or both sessions. This sign up is for the first session. �Stroke clinics are not meant to replace swim lessons, but are intended to improve technique for all levels of swimmers. If you have questions, please contact a coach directly.�

The cost for each stroke clinic, per swimmer, is $25. Checks are payable to BRC.

When registering, please pick the focuses for this session: stroke or starts and turns. �You may only select one per swimmer.

Each session is broken out by the following age groups to allow age-appropriate guidance.

11:00�am � 11:40�am � 6 and under and 7-8 year olds

11:40�am � 12:20�am � 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, and 15-18 year olds

Mixing ages is not permitted, so please know what time slot you will be put into based on your child�s age. The only exception is if your swimmer practices in a different age group with coach approval.

There will be a limit of 30 kids per each session.