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MCC Waves Swim Team 2019

Open for Returning Members

3/4/19 - 7/31/19

Open for New Members

3/4/19 - 7/31/19


Welcome to the MCC Waves Electronic Registration platform for the 2019 swim season!

  1. Follow the step-by-step instructions.

Dues are $475 for all 14 and under swimmers who register between March 1st and March 31st.  After April 1st, the price for all 14 and under swimmers will increase to $500.  15 and over swimmer dues are $100 for the summer. All families registering pay a $5 administration fee per family registration. Please note if you register in March your MCC account will be billed in three monthly payments; in April, two monthly payments; and after that your account will be billed in one lump sum. 


  1. Once you have completed the first part of registration you then need to sign up for your required work duty.

All families of swimmers in the 6 & under through 13/14 age groups are required to sign up to work 4 swim meets and 2 social events. This season we have 4 Invitational Meets. Please know that NO ONE is exempt from Invitationals, if your child swims in an invitational meet, you may be required to work. To sign up, simply click on the link that reads, "MEETS & SOCIAL EVENTS", or you may go back to the home page, and either scroll down to “EVENTS” or click the command button titled “MEETS & SOCIAL EVENTS” to the right of the main photo.  Once there, you can click “Job Sign Up”. There you will register for your obligatory 4 swim meets and 2 social events.  Please be sure to mark your calendar with the dates you have chosen as you sign up.

If you only have a Microwave swimmer, you do not need to sign up for work duty (unless your Microwave plans to attend a social event – then you need to work THAT social event.)   

Also, if you have ONLY a 15 - 18 year old swimmer this year, you are exempt from work duty.

Only when you have completed all of the above steps is your registration considered complete.  You will not sign up at this time to work OMPA. 

We are offering a limited number (10)Volunteer Buy Outs this summer.  The first 10 families to sign up for a Volunteer Buy Out for $750 will be exempt from volunteer obligations, EXCEPT for your 2019 OMPA work duty.  Everything else is covered, (except Invitational meets!)


Please note: if you have not signed up for your work duties by the first day of practice (Monday, April 24th, 2019) your swimmer(s) will be unable to participate in workouts!

Registration is not open. Please come back later.