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Eastgate Swim and Tennis Membership Registration 2018


(EFFECTIVE 7/15/18)

                                                                          Individuals          Couples              Families

                                                                                               (or 1 parent & 1 child)

"Summer" - only for those who first                  $350                   $450                     $525

   joined after 2015 or who did NOT

   pay the "bond" or "initiation fee"

"Full" - those members who first joined           $300                   $400                     $450

    prior to 2016 AND previously paid the 

    "bond" or "initiation feee"


2018 Membership Rates


East Gate welcomes new members! There is no waiting list and no bond/initiation fee.


Summer Family $795

Summer Couple (or one parent and child) $675 (This category is for couples without children or a single parent with a child under 18) 

Summer Single $525

Nanny Fee $100

If you have been an associate or "full" member in 2016 or before and have paid the initiation fee, the rates are as follows:


Full Family $695

Full Couple (see definition above) $595

Full Single $475


Swim, Dive Team and Master's Swimming - ALL MEMBERS WELCOME

Swim Team $150

Dive Team $160

Swim & Dive Team $250

Master's Swimming $100 


Please register each family member when you sign up (everyone is a "pool member" unless you register a child for Swim or Dive or an adult for "Master's Swimming.) 

  • Then choose a membership category for payment. You can pay by check or credit card. Your registration is not complete until you have chosen a payment option and pay either by credit card or send a check.

We look forward to another great summer at East Gate!



Registration is not open. Please come back later.