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2019 Glenwood Dive Team Banquet

Purchasing Dive Team Banquet Tickets

Important Things to Know Before You Begin -

Ticket Price:  $17 per person (children 5 and under are free)

Who Needs a Ticket:  Everyone attending the banquet (except the previously mentioned 5 and unders.)  This includes anyone attending any part of the banquet, even those who are skipping dinner.  You must purchase a ticket to attend.  The banquet cost is not fully covered by the ticket price and the banquet includes much more than food!

Who Can Attend:  Dive Team members and their immediate family (parents and siblings.).  

Other Details:  We will have a huge spread. Sodas and water, and, of course, what dive banquet would be complete without cake!  After we eat, we will have awards presentations by the coaches and don't forget we will have the season in pictures, via slide show, brought to you by our own fabulous photographer, Lara Morford.   It is an event not to be missed!


Steps to purchase tickets (similar to registration):

1. Click "Continue" at the bottom of this page;

2. You will be prompted to log in if you aren't already; 

3. Skip the first page with your contact information by hitting "Continue"; 

4.  Select one of your current divers, leave everything the same except next to "Register to this Group" click "select" and then "Banquet" (it's the only choice).  You can repeat these steps with your additional divers then hit "Continue";

5.  Add the additional number of tickets you need for your remaining divers (if any) and/or family members. 

6. Click "Proceed to checkout", pay by credit card and you are all set!  Bring your emailed receipt to the banquet - this will serve as your ticket. 

Don't worry about the system message that will note only one member registered - we will go by the total ticket count you purchased.  Also, don't worry about the "pending approval" message on your receipt.  Again, this is a fixed message assigned by our website that we cannot adjust. You do not need to be approved.


Email Traci Vagnucci at [email protected]

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