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2021 Dolphins Registration

Open for Returning Members

4/12/21 - 5/31/21

Open for New Members

4/26/21 - 5/31/21

2 Members

SUMMER 2021 Registration

ALL FAMILIES: Make sure you have read and understand email communication about this year's registration process and the information below BEFORE you start this registration. If you register outside your family's window to register, your registration will be deleted. If you are unclear or have questions, after reading email instructions and information below, send us an email FIRST and we will help you. And as always, please sign into your account first, then register. Click HERE for help with finding your member ID and login

2020 FEE CREDIT FAMILIESIf you have credt from the 2020 season, you will not be charged when you finish the registration as your credit will cover the cost of 2021 swim dues. EXCEPT if you are paying for unworked Volunteer hours or opting out of Volunteer hours and paying the fee. . If you continue to have trouble, send us an email. You may add a new sibling swimmer to your registration, but if you are unsure of your swimmer's ability in the pool, reach out to Coach Wendy first. We MUST have all swimmers able to swim 25 meters unassisted.

RETURNING FAMILIES:Returning Families will be invited to register starting April 12th. Please be on the lookout for email comnunications 

NEW FAMILIES: will Space for 2021 is VERY limited. We will be accepting new families starting late April IF there is room on the team. Please keep an eye on our website for updated communication on registration periods. If you do get a spot and register, once you complete the registration, and once payment is received and the membership is approved by the Registrar, you will receive an email to invite you to log into the website.

If you have any difficulties completing the registration process, send us an email. We do not maintain an active telephone line, so email is the best way to reach out for help.  Someone will typically respond within an hour.


Preferred payment method is by Check, Money Order, or Cash when registering before May 1st. We do accept Credit Cards, but the associated Credit Card fees are to be paid by the purchaser. This includes a $1.00 processing fee and 2.9% of the total fees charged. This applies to Debit Card users as well.  

If you register after May 1st in the Late Period payment is by Credit Card ONLY. Purchaser pays associated Credit Card fees which are 2.9% and a $1.00 processing fee. This applies to Debit Card users as well.

To avoid Credit Card fees, on the payment page of the registration, please select to pay by Check, then mail your payment to: Wellington Aquatic Club, P.O. Box 482, Manassas, Virginia, 20108

Team Membership is open to all children 18 and under as of June 1 of the swim season. Some applicants for membership, in particular, those with no prior swimming experience, regardless of age, may be asked to pass a swimming test administered by the Coaching Staff. The Head Coach will make final determination of membership. 

2021 Program Pricing-Per Swimmer 

2020 Credit Families: April 5th - April 11th $165
Returning Families: April 12-24 $180
NEW Families: April 25 IF ROOM ON TEAM $185
LATE Registration: May 1st - June  2nd: $190

We offer a multi-swimmer discount. Register 2 swimmers, get $10 off; register 3 swimmers, get $20 off; register 4 swimmers and get $30 off. 5th + sibling swimmer is FREE.

Registration fees not paid by the last day of the rate will result in forfeiture of registration; you will need to re-register at current rate. Any unpaid fees from prior season, including unworked volunteer hours are paid with current registration. Due to administrative requirements before the first swim meet, no Competitive Team registrations taken after June 2nd.

Oher OPTIONAL items for purchase at checkout:

Volunteer Opt-Out fee eliminates your volunteer obligation: $175.00

Please note, you may ONLY register swimmers that are your children or you have legal guardianship over.  If you are not the legal guardian of a swimmer that wants to participate on the Wellington Dolphins, you must have that child's parent or guardian complete this registration and sign all associated waivers, agreements and medical information.

We look forward to having you join the Wellington Dolphins and are excited for another great season!  If you have any questions or concerns during this process, please send us an email.