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2018 SUMMER Tennis Team

Open for Returning Members

4/16/18 - 6/22/18



Families – please read new policies for the 2018 Season.  Required for those participating on AHSTC Teams. Parents and Athletes must review and discuss before participating on teams.

AHSTC Athlete Code of Conduct

The Purpose of this code is to promote an environment of team spirit, mutual support and fun for all participants.

All participating athletes at AHSTC will abide by this code of conduct at all times.

General Code of Conduct Rules

·         All participating athletes are asked to wear designated team uniform or suit and cap during competitions. Uniform or suit and cap for club team or high school team will not be worn.

·         All participating athletes will participate in all championship meets they are qualified for or, if conflicts are anticipated or arise, will let coach know immediately.

·         All participating athletes will display a positive and supportive attitude and will consistently display respect, honesty and good sportsmanship toward all teams, coaches, teammates and competitors.

·         Disrespectful, bullying or destructive behavior or any actions that bring discredit or discord to the team will not be tolerated. It is the responsibility of each athlete to help prevent such behavior and bring any problems to the appropriate adult.

·         Use of alcoholic beverages, drugs other than those prescribed by a physician and smoking is unacceptable at all times.

·         All participants and their parents/guardians have the responsibility to do their best to ensure that this Code of Conduct is adhered to and to help ensure the safety and support of all teammates.

Consequences for Rule Violation

At the discretion of the head coach:

·         Athlete may be sent home from practice.

·         Athlete may be removed from the roster for the next competition.

·         Athlete may be suspended from the team until a meeting between athlete, parents, coach and Board representative takes place.

Electronic Communication Policy

Communication Protocol

Coaches - This policy applies to all Head and Assistant Coaches. This policy excludes coaches who are also athletes on the team they coach.

·      Communication to athletes shall be directly related to team activities, from team accounts.  Such communications will be clear and direct, free of any hidden meanings, innuendo or expectations.

·      Communication should be professional and as a representative/employee of the Club

·      One to one communication shall include another coach or adult; if the athlete is under 13, the athlete’s parent must be included. 

·      Communication should NOT involve things like:

o   Reference to drugs or alcohol

o   Sexually-oriented or sexual references

o   The adult or coaches’ personal life, social activities, relationships, family issues, or personal problems

  • Subject to the general guidelines mentioned above, one to one communication is allowed between coaches and athletes during the hours from 7am until 9pm, unless there is an emergent circumstance that requires notification outside of those hours, including, but not limited to: weather, facility emergency, matters involving inter-pool activity, or matters directly involving an ongoing swim meet.
  • Emails, so long as comporting with the above rules, may be sent at any time.

Communication Vehicles

This applies to all forms of electronic communication, including but not limited to:

·         Email and Personal Blogs

·         Texting and Phone Voicemail

·         Social Media Platforms and Messaging Apps (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter)

Management of Accounts

Coaches - Coaches may not have Arbor Heights athletes join their personal accounts.  Coaches are encouraged to set their personal accounts to “private” to prevent athletes from accessing the coach’s personal information. 

A coach may not accept any “friend requests or request to follow from an Arbor Heights athlete. In addition, the coach should remind the athlete that this is not permitted. 

Coaches are not permitted to “private message or communicate” with athletes through any Social Media Chat mechanism.


Athletes under 13 cannot be messaged directly – regardless of medium - unless the athlete’s parents/guardians are included in the communication.


The parents or guardians of an athlete may request, via email to that their child may be contacted by a specific coach through some or all forms of electronic communication.  Such request must clearly identify the coach or coaches and the request must identify what conduct they will allow / waive.  I.e. following of Instagram and Facebook of two coaches on staff.

This request MUST be written, preferably by the above email, and will be kept on file for the season.  At any time the parent or guardian may amend or rescind the request.


The parents or guardians of an athlete may request via email to that their child not be contacted by coaches through any form of electronic communication.


By continuing with this registration, our family agrees to adhere to these rules and policies, or risk possible exclusion or expulsion from AHSTC teams.