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7/22-8/8 Ruby Hill Swim School Session

Open for Returning Members

5/3/19 - 7/24/19

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5/3/19 - 7/24/19



Little Buccaneers (LB):

July 22nd-August 8th Session

Practices will be held Monday-Thursday:

Morning Sessions:





Evening Sessions



For Little Buccaneers practice:

-1:4 or 5 ratio (coach to swimmers)

-fins, jammer/competitive suit, goggles, and swim cap for longer hair are required equipment


Prerequisites for Little Buccaneers:

***ALL Little Buccaneers must be WATER SAFE prior to attending an evaluation.** They must be able to go from a seated position on the pool’s edge, jump in/ease in to the water on their own, push out to lane rope (approx. 2 yds), return to the wall unassisted, and climb out.

In addition, swimmers ages 5-8 will be accepted for Little Buccaneers after passing the evaluation. Swimmers must be 4 years old (session start date) to be eligible for a LB evaluation.

To determine if your swimmer is the Little Buccaneers level, the coaches will be looking for the following skills:

-water safe

-submerge head in the water and blow bubbles

-starfish float on stomach, face in water

-be able to push off the steps in the shallow end and swim unassisted to a coach 2-3 yards away with face in the water (using any forward motion style)


Learn to Swim (LTS):

July 22nd-August 8th Session

-No one under the age of 3 (session start date) will be accepted for LTS.

-Lessons will be conducted Monday through Thursday once school gets out. 

-Lessons will run from 9:15-9:40am, 9:45-10:15am, 12:15-12:40pm, 12:45-1:10pm, 6:15-6:40pm, 6:45-7:10pm

- 1:3 (coach to swimmers) ratio for 30 minutes at a time (25 minutes of instruction, 5 off for instructor and possible questions/discussion with parents.


General Guidelines for LB and LTS programs:

Please – no siblings, swim team members, LTS, or Little Buccaneers in the pool without coach permission before or after practice.

Buddy accommodations will not be made for LBs. Buddy accommodations will also not be made for LTS, unless LTS pair are siblings.

Make-ups will not be offered for Little Buccaneers or LTS.

Registering online for 6&U, Little Buccaneers, or LTS will be provisional, pending final approval by Coach Danny. Each swimmer under the age of 6 MUST HAVE AN EVALUATION, then coaches will figure out the best group for that swimmer – unless the swimmer was in 6&U the year before...then s/he will go into 6&U without an evaluation. 

LTS: If a swimmer fails to show up for his/her designated LTS lesson within 10 minutes of the start time, s/he will be considered absent (even with a notification text/call to coach), and the coach may leave the pool area for a break if not needed to help out with another lesson/practice.

LB: Coaches will not convince or pull swimmers into the water for Little Buccaneers. If the swimmer does not come willingly into LB practice, then LB is probably not the right fit for them. (Parents, please do not leave the deck. Please be seated someplace inconspicuous that a coach may call you if needed.)

Little Buccaneers and LTS: if your swimmer is disruptive or refuses to follow coach directions, s/he will be dismissed from practice. 

Registration is not open. Please come back later.