TSC Torpedoes : Start Registration

2021-2022 Torpedoes Registration

Open for Returning Members

5/10/21 - 8/31/21

Open for New Members

6/1/21 - 8/31/21


***8/23/21- Currently accepting names to the waitlist only. Please us the online system below to add your swimmer to the waitlist. Please also fill out the New Swimmer Evaluation form which is required and evaluated for eligiblity and approval***

TSC Torpedoes Registration

For the 2021-2022 season, space is limited due to current COVID-19 pandemic affecting us all.  Registration opens on May 10, 2021  to returning TSC Torpedo swimmers.  Space permitting, registrations for new families invited to join will open on June 1, 2021. 

Please contact Coach Ginger if you are a new family wishing to join prior to registering, even if you swam with The Swim Club as TSC Torpedoes is a USA swimming team and an evalution may be needed to join.

For the 2021-2022 season:

Practice Days: All swimmers will be pre-selecting 2 practice days per this registration by location/age group.  Exact practice times will be designated once registration is full.  Swimmers wishing to swim 3 days per week, please contact Coach Ginger AFTER registration to make the appropriate change to 3 day.  

Missed/Conflict Practice Make-up day: Make-up practice days for all 2 day per week swimmers will be on Friday/Saturdays for missed practices due to other conflicts. 

Swimmers per lane will be limited to 4-5 swimmers under the current lane restrictions.  If during the year, the current lane restrictions are lifted, we will re-evaluate the number of days allotted per swimmer.  Saftey for all swimmers is the #1 priority, not maximizing swimmers per lane.   

Please make sure to thoroughly read and acknowledge all agreement to the registration as some have changed.

We look forward to having you join the TSC Torpedoes and are excited for another great season!

Steps to register:

1. Fill out the online registration including all information requested using the online system on the home page.  Submit payment and your swimmer registered and your account is now pending.

2. Pending Accounts - Your account will remain in a "pending" state until we close our registration.  This means your child is registered, but your account needs to be finalized on our end.  If your swimmer has been approved to register (either via evaluation or you have spoken with Coach Ginger via email or phone) and you have registered within our system, your swimmer is set.  You need to take no further action at this time.  While your account is "pending" we are setting up the billing and adding swimmers to their practice group for the fall.  There is nothing you need to do but sit tight, we will email you once the account is no longer in the pending state sometime during the summer months.

3. Swimmers who do not meet qualifications for participation will not have their account approved and a refund will be issued.

4. If a program is full, please add to the waitlist. Spaces may open up as we continue to navigate this time.

Registration is not open. Please come back later.