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Session 1 Rowing Camp July 23 - 27

Open for Returning Members

4/25/18 - 8/3/18

Open for New Members

5/1/18 - 8/3/18

36 Members

Long Skinny Boat Camp

Youth Introductory Rower Camp: July 23-July 27, 2018

Location: Lake Hall in Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park-rain or shine

Cost: $225/M-F

Please Bring: Sunblock, towel, sunglasses, hat, sneakers, and a water bottle.

 Park Ranger will collect fees to the park upon entry. Please be prepared to pay. $2 per day for each child if dropped off, $4 per day per care with one person, or $6 per day per car load up to 8 people. WE ENCOURAGE CARPOOLING!

Questions? Contact: Carrie Stolp 850-879-2101 or