Pleasanton Seahawks : Start Registration

2018-2019 Try-Outs & Transfers

Open for New Members

6/15/18 - 8/31/19


Welcome to the Pleasanton Seahawks Electronic Registration platform. We are pleased to offer electronic payment processing and registration to our members. This process will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.


During registration and re-registration, it is important to complete the following on the Seahawks website in case your swimmer may have a medical emergency:


Account tab in My Account

Emergency Contact information

Medical Insurance company information

Member tab in My Account

Physician name and phone #

Medical Information/Notes - to include allergy or no allergy information and medications  


In addition, you will be asked to provide a credit card.  This card will be assessed a $25.00 tryout fee (per swimmer).  Should your swimmer become a member, this same card will be charged for membership dues and other fees.  Should your swimmer fail to pass the tryout evaluation, your account and payment information will be deleted from our records.


If you are transferring your active membership from another USA Swimming team, please download and print the USA Swimming Transfer form and email it to  Here is the link: /sea/UserFiles/File/USA%20Swimming%20Transfer%20Form.pdf


This document encompasses all items needed to be digitally signed by new members as well as re-registering members. These documents include:

  • Membership Dues and Responsibilities Agreement

  • Swimmer Code of Conduct/Parent Code of Conduct and Honor Code

  • Membership Safety Agreement, Bullying and Electronic Communications Policies

  • Athlete Protection Policy (USA Swimming Code of Conduct)

  • Acknowledgements

We strongly encourage you to print out each of the documents that you digitally sign by clicking on the Print icon above each document.  


I acknowledge that I have received all of this information and that I have/will sign off on each of the sections noted above within this document.


For membership questions, please email:

For billing questions, please email

For mandatory commitment hour questions, please email: