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2020-21 Registration

Open for Returning Members

8/3/20 - 11/30/20

Open for New Members

8/19/20 - 11/30/20

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CSA Blue Crush Registration


At this point we are only open to Returning CSA members.

For all others, please hit "contact us" for information or interest in the team.

Tryouts will be on hold for now.


Practice times and groups will be similar to last year, but with a limit of 12 swimmers/group. Some adjustments may be necessary depending on who signs up!

So, first come, first served!? We have a long list of precautions to use this fall that we will be implementing.


When you register, the initial CSA registration fee will be paid via credit card. Monthly fees and meet entry fees will be administered on the 1st of each month and automatically paid by your credit card you have in your private account.

Please note that your account with CST does not work for CSA since we are separate teams with separate websites, banking, etc.

If you must pay by check, go by the CWAC and put the check in the CSA drop box by garage door at the indoor pool no later than Aug 20. You are not considered "registered" until you pay the registration fee.

***One month's notice will be required in the case of quitting the team. Special circumstances will be considered as needed.

****USA Swimming membership fees will be added to your account during the first month (premium-$76, seasonal-$35, limited-$20, or outreach-$5)

Please check the CSA fee information to see the monthly fee schedule. CWAC non-members pay an extra monthly fee as in the past.

Practice groups will be determined by August 22.

PRACTICE STARTS Tuesday, September 8, 2020!!!


***If you need assistance in accessing or creating your personal account, please use the "contact us" button at the left and we will help you in any way needed. Having access online is a great way to use your private account to enable you to easily declare your events for meets, search your swimmer's times, and use your credit card in a secure fashion to keep your CSA account up-to-date.

We look forward to having you join the CSA Blue Crush and are excited for another great season!