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2021-22 Swim Team Registration

Open for Returning Members

7/23/21 - 7/31/22

Open for New Members

7/23/21 - 7/31/22


Welcome to the Kingsport Piranhas' electronic registration platform for the 2021 - 22 competition swim team! For those swimmers not yet ready for the swim team program, we offer our SwimAmerica Developmental Swim School with two tracts - Learn to Swim & Beginner Piranhas - click on the link below:
For those ready for competitive swimming, registration is setup with electronic payment processing through our TeamUnify website & OnDeck phone app. The process is simple for both new and returning members. You will get access to your own private account that will enable you to easily declare for swim meets, receive team updates, stay up to date with our Team Feed, sign-up for volunteer jobs, see your children's swim time history, maintain your own contact information, and much more. You can also follow our team on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. A 2nd phone app. is available through USA Swimming called, Meet Mobile. This app will require a subscription through your provider's app store to get access to competition event heat sheet programs and live meet results. 

The new 2021-22 KP Informational Brochure & Fee Schedule is available under the Information About Tab of our website. Several changes were made from the 2020-21 season so please take the time to read it over. One of the biggest changes is the fee schedule. We have decided to remove the 3 payment fundraising obligation. Any fundraising in the future will be completely voluntary for our members. The benefits of participating in team fundraising can still be applied to members' accounts. More information is available in the brochure. In order to remove the fundraising obligation, we adjusted the 11-month fees to compensate for the loss of the 3 fundraising payments. The plan for this new fee schedule is to make payments more streamline and less confusing for members. We welcome your feedback and look forward to continually improving our KP members' experience. We are taking advantage of every opportunity to keep our program as affordable as possible for our members by offering several avenues for discounts without compromising the quality of our swim program. One of the biggest ways to support our team and to save money is to volunteer at our home swim meets. More information about credit for volunteering is available in the 2021-22 KP Brochure. Thank you all for your continued support! We look forward to having you join the Kingsport Piranhas and are excited for another great season!

2021-22 KP Informational Brochure & Fee Schedule