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2020-21 NAC Competitive Team Registration

2020-21 Registration & Billing Information 

NAC Competitive Team Swimmer Online Registration
Registration for ALL NAC Competitive Team athletes must be done online. NEW swimmers, including those who have taken a break from the team, must have been evaluated and placed on the Competitive Team prior to registration. Please email [email protected] for placement trial information. 

Annual Registration Fee = $200/Athlete Prorated Fee Spring/Summer $125

  • This is an annual, non-refundable fee to cover USA Swimming registration and insurance, team t-shirt, latex team cap, championship team apparel and events, team parties, etc. 

  • The Annual Registration Fee is paid by credit card upon the completion of the online registration process. This one-time registration will NOT incur the 3.5% cc processing fee. 

  • By registering with NAC, all parent(s) AND athlete(s) consent to all Nashville Aquatic Club Policies and NAC Competitive Team Policies and Guidelines via electronic acknowledgement. 

Once your athlete is registered and approved in the system, your online NAC account will be activated. At this time you will receive an email with login instructions. You will then need to setup your login information and then login to setup your desired electronic payment option for your monthly bill. The credit card used to pay the registration fee will be automatically saved as a payment option. If you'd like to pay via a different credit card or through bank draft, you will need to go in and manually set that up by clicking on My Account > Setup Auto Pay.

Monthly statements will be emailed to the email address(es) listed on your NAC account prior to a payment being processed. Your payment will be automatically processed on the 1st of every month when a payment is due. You must notify [email protected] of any errors or changes of athlete status by the last day of the month in order to not be billed for the following month's fees. 

Registration & Billing Questions
Ashley Blackburn - [email protected] 

Please DO NOT call the NAC office for billing questions. You may request a phone conversation by emailing your name and phone number to Ashley Blackburn at [email protected] at any time.

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