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2018 Fall PreComp

Open for Returning Members

7/6/18 - 11/16/18

Open for New Members

7/6/18 - 11/16/18

38 Members

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Below are the eligibility requirements for this group.  Please contact Sarah Wharam at if your swimmer does not fall into one of these categories:

1. SwimAmerica swimmers must have graduated from the SwimAmerica Swim Lesson Program AND have a recommendation from Gweyn Thomas or Ginny Maher, SwimAmerica Director.

2. New swimmers must first be evaluated by a NAC coach and placed into the Summer PreComp Group.

3. Returning PreComp Group swimmers from the 2018 Summer session are automatically eligible to register for the 2018 Summer session.  Swimmers from previous PreComp sessions will need to be evaluated again and placed into the group or need approval from Sarah Wharam, PreComp Coordinator.

4.  A non-refundable 3% credit card processing fee is now being charged to members (rather than NAC itself) for members opting to pay via credit card.  The team is no longer able to absorb this fee for each registered swimmer and is therefore passing the fee onto the individual registrants.  Questions regarding this fee can be directed to


1.  Each swimmer will participate in one of the offered practice times: Sportsplex (Sunday/Wednesday (9/5-11/16) 4:45-5:30p, Monday/Wednesday (9/5-11/16) 5:30-6:15p, OR Tuesday/Thursday (9/6-11/16) 4:30-5:15 or 5:15-6p

Boost Fit Club (M/W 6-6:45p)

2. Practices will NOT be held on the following days:
      Monday, 9/3
      Sunday, 10/7
      Wednesday, 10/31
      Monday, 11/12

3.  PreComp does not foresee cancelling practice, however, in the unlikely event of inclement weather or unsafe pool conditions you will be notified via email of cancellations.  Cancelled practices will not be made up. Swimmers who miss practice are not provided a make up practice. 


During the registration process you will have the option to purchase the following items:

*Additional NAC swim cap for $5

*NAC PreComp tshirt (youth sizes & adult small) $15

*Speedo Jr. Vanquisher goggles for $15

These charges will be added on to your registration fee. Swim caps, tshirts, and goggles that are purchased during registration will be distributed the first day of practice.  These items are generally available throughout the session as well should a need arise.


All swimmers must wear a competition swimsuit, competition goggles, and a swim cap for each practice.  Swimmers are not permitted to wear swim shirts.

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