Portneuf Valley Swim Team : Start Registration

2018 Midseason Registration

Open for Returning Members

11/30/17 - 5/31/18

Open for New Members

11/30/17 - 5/31/18


Welcome to the Portneuf Valley Swim Team (PVST) Electronic Registration platform for our upcoming swim season! We are pleased to offer electronic payment processing and registration. The process is simple for both new and returning members and masters swimmers.  You'll get access to a private account that will enable you to easily sign up for swim meets and volunteer tasks, see your children's swim times, view and electronically manage invoices, order swim gear, and more.

General Information:
*PVST Mid-Season Registration Fee per family is $75.00 which covers January 1, 2018 to August 15, 2018. This includes 1 (one) latex cap and t-shirt per registration fee, additional caps are $15.00 each for Silicone and $6 for latex.   Personalized silicone caps are $35 for 2 caps   Masters registration is $25 per year.  No extra registration is charged for masters with other family members registered. 

*USA Swimming Registration fee per swimmer is $68.00, except Masters swimmers.

Masters swimmers must be US Masters or US Triathalon registered for insurance purposes.  

All swimmers MUST be members of the Community Recreation Center (CRC). Membership is $21 per month for the first youth member in a family, $21/month for the next family member, and $5/month per person after that.  Fees are paid through automatic bank account withdrawals and all members must have a membership card which is $5. Swimmers must scan their cards to enter. This membership includes all CRC membership privileges. (PVST does not process CRC memberships—this is set up directly with the CRC.)  Masters will not be required to have CRC memberships, but they must have a $5 card. 

Training fees per month

Little Squids - $40.00
Kraken Kids - $50.00
Blue - $55
Junior - $80.00

Senior 2 - $80
Senior - $125.00 (Coach Approval needed)

(There is an annual $200 fundraising committment per family ($100 billed each Session), masters swimmers excluded)-please see later pages for details on fundraising. 

Masters -  $35 for 2 days per week.  Registration for masters is $25 one time to cover CRC rec card and administrative and coaching costs.

Please read the following pages carefully. You will be required to electronically sign each agreement. A completed registration will be a legally binding contract with Portneuf Valley Swim Team.  We look forward to having you join PVST and are excited for another great season!

NEW ATHLETES ONLY--WE NEED A PAPER COPY OF YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE.  (only if you have not registered with USA Swimming in the past)