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2018-2019 RETURNING Team Registration

Open for Returning Members

8/13/18 - 8/17/18

Open for New Members

7/1/18 - 7/2/18


Dear Families,

Alamo Area Aquatics Association-Northside is pleased to welcome you to the 2018-2019 swim season. You have elected to join one of the best competitive USA Swimming programs in the state.  Our program is based on developing a solid foundation of skills and abilities and using fundamentals as the core of what we do for our swimmers. We are a coach directed and parent supported program. 

Our Purpose, Mission, and Core Values drive our program decisions. We focus on the developmental appropriateness of swimmers, based on age and ability, and we design instruction and coaching to match.   By committing to coming to practice regularly, by being deliberate in all you do in practice and competition, and by trusting your coach we have no doubt you will find success.

Your Aquatics Coordinators and Head Coach, Derek Howorth, are highly respected coaches for the work they have done for athletes, coaches, and other programs.  They are charged with developing the coaches to ensure proper mechanics are being taught to your children while ensuring our Purpose, Mission, and Core Values are reflected in our program design.  I am very proud of our coaching staff and when we hire additional coaches we hire for character so your children will be associated with a positive role model.


The entire AAAA organization has a team sponsorship with Arena USA.  Our organizations are both success-minded and we are proud of our partnership.  As with any sponsorship, it is important to support the company and keep the business relationship healthy.  We expect our swimmers to train in/with Arena suits and equipment, and to wear Arena attire (including backpacks, sweats, and parkas) on deck when not swimming.  Like years past, we will provide a suit to all members who register with our program by October 1, 2018.

WE ARE NORTHSIDE- one program dedicated to working with parents, and the community, to nurture and develop the Pillars of Character of our student-athletes.  Imagine the possibilities for our children when we, as an organization of parents and coaches, work together with a common goal.  Become actively involved with the Aquatics Booster Club and become a genuine partner in shaping the lives of our children. 


Anthony Plummer, Assistant Director of Athletics,

Director of Aquatics