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AUGUST TRYOUTS for year round HAST team!

Welcome to the TRYOUT PRE-REGISTRATION for our 

2018 AUGUST Tryouts for our Year Round CLUB team!!

We have two different tryout dates for our (depending on age of swimmer) with two different links to PRE-REGISTER to 'ATTEND THE TRYOUTS'.  

Please click on the correct link for the age of your swimmer!!


► There is no fee to TRYOUT for our team, but you MUST PRE-REGISTER your swimmer to attend the tryouts.


Click on this link: "TRYOUT for our Year-Round Club Team"   information flyer (Print it off), before continuing with the PRE-registration!!  You will not be contacted further, so please print off the information above and come the day of tryouts (only need to come one day--or-- the time slot you picked, if multiple days are offered)! 


Signups are now **OPEN** for:

AUGUST tryouts

Aug., 2 & 3rd:   12 - 14 yr. old swimmers

Aug., 9 & 10th:   11 & under swimmers


15 & older swimmers:  Contact HAST directly for tryout info


12-14 yr. old Swimmers:
  • Tryouts for 12-14 yr. swimmers will only be on: 
    • Thurs. & Fri., August 2nd & 3rd  
  • Please click HERE to sign up to attend the 12-14 yr. tryouts.  
    • You will be re-routed to a different website "SIGNUP.com" for these tryouts
  • ​12-14 yr. old swimmers MUST know ALL FOUR strokes
  • 11 & under swimmers are not eligible to attend these tryout times.









11 yr. & under Swimmers

***Click on the 'CONTINUE'  link at the bottom of this page to Pre-Register your  11 & under swimmer wanting to tryout for our Year Round Club Team.

  • The 11 & under tryout will be on (one day only) 
    • Thurs. & Friday, August 9 & 10th
    • 9:00 a.m. (two days only)
    • Card pick-up will open at 8:45 a.m. , tryouts begin @ 9:00 a.m.
    • Depending on the number of swimmers attending the tryouts, these tryouts will last approx. 1 hour or less.
  • Follow the instructions below to sign-up to ATTEND THESE TRYOUTS.
    • 9-11 yr. old MUST know all four strokes to tryout for our year round team.
    • ​5-8 yr. old swimmers need to know at least THREE strokes, with the anticipation to continue with private lessons to learn butterfly.
  • 12-14 yr. swimmers will NOT be able to attend this tryout.








  • ♦ 

  •  Parents of 11 & under swimmers...... (if you have an account in our system), please follow these steps:
    1. When prompted, please choose the option that you DO have an existing account, and don't open a new account to PRE-register your swimmers for our TRYOUTS.
    2. You will have an existing account in our website. If you get a pop-up saying that your account is closed, and will not allow you to sign up, please send an email to hast@hilltopaquatics.org and your account will be opened, then continue with the TRYOUT registration process.   
    3. If you forgot your password, just send an email and you can set up a new password, to open your existing account.



See you soon at our TRYOUT dates!  

We are excited to have you tryout for our team!


**This link (below) is ONLY for 11 & under swimmer registration**


Registration is not open. Please come back later.