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2018 WINTER/SPRING Tryouts for Year Round Team

Welcome to the TRYOUT PRE-REGISTRATION for our Year-Round CLUB Team this season!!

We have two different tryout dates for our 2018 WINTER/SPRING QTR. TRYOUTS (depending on age of swimmer) with two different links to PRE-REGISTER to 'ATTEND THE TRYOUTS'.  Please click on the correct link for the age of your swimmer!!


► There is no fee to TRYOUT for our team, but you MUST PRE-REGISTER your swimmer to attend the tryouts.


Click on this link: "TRYOUT for our Year-Round Club Team"   information flyer (Print it off), before continuing with the PRE-registration!!  You will not be contacted further, so please print off the information above and come the day of tryouts (only need to come one day--or-- the time slot you picked, if multiple days are offered)! 


Signups are now **OPEN** for:

MARCH 21st-23rd tryouts


15 & older swimmers:  Contact HAST directly for tryout info


12-14 yr. old Swimmers:
  • Tryouts for 12-14 yr. swimmers will only be on: 
    • Wed., Thurs. & Fri., March 21 - 23rd.  
  • Please click HERE to sign up to attend the 12-14 yr. tryouts.  
    • You will be re-routed to a different website "SIGNUP.com" for these tryouts
  • 11 & under swimmers are not eligible to attend these tryout times.









11 yr. & under Swimmers

***Click on the 'CONTINUE'  link at the bottom of this page to Pre-Register your 8-11 yr. old swimmer wanting to tryout for our Year Round Club Team.

  • The 11 & under tryout will be on (one day only) 
    • Wednesday, March 21st @ 3:45 p.m. (only one day)
    • Card pick-up will open at 3:30 p.m.  
    • Depending on the number of swimmers attending the tryouts, these tryouts will last approx. 1 hour or less.
  • Follow the instructions below to sign-up to ATTEND THESE TRYOUTS.
  • These swimmers MUST know all four strokes to tryout for our year round team.
  • 12-14 yr. swimmers will NOT be able to attend this tryout.








  • ♦  Parents of 11 & under swimmers...... (if you have an account in our system), please follow these steps:
    1. When prompted, please choose the option that you DO have an existing account, and don't open a new account to PRE-register your swimmers for our TRYOUTS.
    2. You will have an existing account in our website. If you get a pop-up saying that your account is closed, and will not allow you to sign up, please send an email to hast@hilltopaquatics.org and your account will be opened, then continue with the TRYOUT registration process.   
    3. If you forgot your password, just send an email and you can set up a new password, to open your existing account.



See you soon at our TRYOUT dates!  

We are excited to have you tryout for our team!


**This link is ONLY for 11 & under swimmer registration**

Registration is not open. Please come back later.