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CCA Marlins Registration 2019-2020

Open for Returning Members

8/10/19 - 7/31/20

Open for New Members

8/15/19 - 7/31/20


Welcome to the Carter Center Aquatics Electronic Registration platform for our upcoming swim season! We are pleased to offer electronic registration. The process is simple for both new and returning members. You'll get access to your own private account that will enable you to easily declare for swim meets, sign-up for jobs, see your children's swim times histories, maintain your own contact information, and more.

Registration in 2019-2020:

All Marlin Families are required to Register through the online registration process:

1) Almost all paper forms for registration are becoming obsolete!  Please make sure you that you click through the documents during the registration process and read them thoroughly.  You will have to agree to each form to advance through the registration process.  This will serve as your electronic signature and agreement. Each swimmer will need to complete the Medical Emergency Information Form-Click Here and return to Head Coach Amina Serir or Assistant Coach Susan Bleecker after registration.    All the training group fees can be found on our website by clicking here.

2) At the time  of your registration please have the following information ready:

  • New Swimmers -- a primary email that you will utilize to login into TeamUnify (the website) and for all team information, billing and other updates that occur during the season.  You may add an additional email that will receive team news.
  • Returning swimmers -- during the registration process please use the login email and password you have used in the past. You may update your information at any time. 
    • Medical Insurance Information
    • Swimmer's Physicians information
    • Emergency Contacts information
    • Credit/Debit Card that will be used to process your registration.   This cc/debit card will be saved for future billings but one has the ability to update/change the credit card information or elect to pay through electronic check (ACH)**.  
    • Swimmers T-Shirt Size(s) - Please update if they have changed from previous years.

3) What will you pay for at the time of registration?:  Swim Fees can be found here

  • Mini-Marlin swimmers- will pay for their Registration Fee = $85 per person 1st time registrant (and $15 for subsequent sessions but session 2-3 are currently not available for sign-up). will pay for a pickup fee= $25/session if NC student
  • Age Group/Senior level swimmers - will pay their Registration Fee(s) and the Meet Hosted Fee.
    • AG/SR Registration Fee = $135 (1st Swimmer) and $125 (each subsequent swimmer).
    • Meet Hosted Fee = $50 (this helps to cover any costs associated with the meets we host throughout the year 3-5 meets).
  • SwimFit (formerly HS Tune-ups) = Will pay the amount due for the number of weeks they choose to register for; 3,4,5 or 6 weeks.
  • Service Fee- A credit/debit card service fee (see below) will be added to the total upon completion of the registration process.
  • Masters = Will pay a monthly training fee of $40 a month


4) What is on our monthly invoice/bill after you register?

  • If you elected to "Pay in Full" [7 mos or 11 mos] this will be placed on your first invoice/bill and a one time payment will be accessed to your credit/debit card on file or an electronic check(ACH).   Please read below for how to set-up an ACH (check) for your account.  Only for swimmers who elected to "Pay in full" can you mail or hand in a check. It must be received no later than the 30th of the month (or closest Friday prior to that date).  In order for your cc/debit or ACH to not be charged. This will save you any service charges related to the payment of training fees.
  • Monthly Training Fees = Will be electroncally taken from your cc/debit or bank account (ACH) on the first of each month. 
    • Mini-Marlins swimmers = The full payment of the session of which you registered will be charged on the first of the month following registration.
  • CAC Monthly Dues = Age Group Bronze/Silver/Gold and Senior Bronze/Silver/Gold are required to be members of the Carter Athlectic Center (CAC).  The CAC Membership fee is $65.00 billed each month and the 'Marlin CAC Membership Rate' ($65) allows all Marlin swimmers to have a family membership but at the individual rate. You will see this on your monthly bill from Team Unify/CCA Marlins. This will no longer be a seperate bill/account through the CAC. You will see your first months CAC Fee on the first invoice (1st of the month) following registration. Any swimmer who is a Mini-Marlin may join the CAC if the choose. Please email Coach Amina if you wish for this to be added to your bill.  If you do so you can register for the CAC/NC Student rate for each session.
  • Service Fees = Due to the cost of electronic billing we are adding this cost on to each swimmers monthly account. The service fees are as follows; credit card service fee is $.30 per transaction and 2.95% of total amount due, which will be added on to the invoice/bill.  You may choose electronic check (ACH) for payment, which incurs a flat fee of $1.50 per transaction, added to the monthly invoice/bill.


5) Are there any additional fees on monthly statement?  Yes there could be.  The following are not recurring charges and will be billed monthly as incurred:

  • Meet Entry Fees = Most every meet has an per event charge, a swimmer surcharge and could have a facility surcharge for each swimmer.  These can range from $5 to $85 per swimmer at the meet please read the meet information (meet invite) that will be located (when available) on our website to see these costs for a specific meet
  • Coach Travel Surcharge = We will add an additional 'Coach Travel Surcharge' to each swimmer for meets to help share the burden throughout the club of the cost to send coaches to the swim meets. In-State competitions(not more than 50 miles) will add  $20 per swimmer and Out-of-State (or more than 50 miles from Roanoke) competitions will add $30 per swimmer.
  • Team Travel = This is not recurring and only occurs at select meets or events and only for those families elect to participate, on a per meet basis.  Costs will be put in the meet information that we provide (not the meet invitation provided by the host clubs).
  • Apparel,Equipment and other = Throughout the year we may offer some apparel, equipment or other items to each family.  At times we may elect to just bill this to each swimmer instead of collecting up front.  Each family will be notified if this is going to occur.
  • Please note that starting in September of 2019 all swimmers will be reqired to wear the team cap during practices(will elect a day for free colors caps)team suit and cap are required for swim meets.

6) All registration will be on hold until approved by the administrative staff.

7) Yearly/Seasonally/Monthly training dues will be reduced for families with multiple swimmers. Please note that is discount will not include groups that have session charges (Mini-Marlins and SwimFit):

  • 2 Swimmers = approximately 10% reduction of monthly training fees for 2nd swimmer.
  • 3+ Swimmers = approximately 15% reduction of monthly training fees starting 2nd sibling.


 We look forward to having you join the Carter Center Aquatics and are excited for another great season!