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Feb 22, 2021 -Apr 3, 2021 6 Week Session

Open for Returning Members

2/22/21 - 4/3/21

Open for New Members

2/22/21 - 4/3/21


New six week session as we get back to normal!!

Welcome to the Fluvanna Aquatics Sports Team Electronic Registration platform for our upcoming swim season! We are pleased to offer electronic registration. The process is simple for both new and returning members. You’ll get access to your own private account that will enable you easily declare for swim meets, sign-up for jobs, see your children’s historical swim times, maintain your own contact information, and more.

Shortly after registering, you will receive an invoice via email from [email protected] where you can pay electronically by bank transfer or credit card. It can also be paid by sending a check to our PO Box. For those of you that paid up through May last year-round swim season, Treasurer Joe Caruso will apply a credit on this bill since Covid-19 brought the season to a grinding halt midway through March.  Any credits above and beyond the amount on this registration will be carried forward to your future registrations.

We are breaking up our swimmers between Age Group Swimmers for the younger swimmers that will practice 2x a week for 1 hour per practice, and Senior Swimmers who can practice up to 4x a week for 2 hours per practice.

We look forward to having you join the Fluvanna Aquatics Sports Team and are excited for another great season!

Fee setup for the 6 weeks of February 22nd through April 3rd are:

Age Group:  $100 for 2 practices a week, 1 hour each

Senior Group:  $175 for up to 4x a week, 2 hours each

Additionally, as we are now moving into a new year, we have the once a year registration fees for swimmers under our insurance and with USA Swim.  Since this is a 6 week at at time cadence we are working with right now, we will make the USA Swim registration ($70 annual registration fee) optional.  Registration with USA Swim allows you to be able to sign up for, and participate in, USA swim-sanctioned meets that the team participates in throughout 2021.

Program Schedule:







MW Evening Age Group Hour 1




MW Evening Age Group Hour 2


FUMA Th, Sat

Th Evening, Sat Age Group Hour 1

Th 5:15-6:15pm    Sat 11am-12pm


Th, Sat

Th Evening, Sat Age Group Hour 2

Th 6:15-7:15pm    Sat 12-1pm


M, W, Th, Sat

Senior Group

M W Th 5:15 -7:15pm  Sat 11am-1pm

FUMA T, Th Afternoon Age Group 12-1 pm









Phase 1 

red swimmers only 

Phase 2 

red and black swimmers only 

Phase 3 

red, black and green swimmers only 




  • Our primary goal is the keep everyone safe so to start each practice will be limited to 8 swimmers 

  • Because our swimmers have been out of the pool for a long time, we will start off focusing on stroke work and progressively scale the practice time and intensity of our more advanced groups during our preseason. 

  • For the safety of everyone, you will be assigned a specific lane and location for that practice and not be able to attend other practices without permission from a coach and an accompanying lane assignment and location. 

  • We will be expanding our practice options and times during the preseason so if you are interested in alternate days please email FAST ([email protected]).