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MAAPP Acknowledge and Confirmation

Adults (parents) who are not athlete members (or coaches) must "Add New Member" as themselves in order to facilitate this online acknowlegement process. Your information will not be retained by the website, other than your signature/affirmation of this policy.

The US Center for SafeSport is the governing authority for all SafeSport policies (and enforcement) for all sports within the Olympic and Par-Olympic movements. USA Swimming, Minnesota Swimming and our own team are all governed by the US Center for SafeSport.

This year, The Center has implemented new policies and enhancements to continue our commitment to safeguard our athletes in USA Swimming. We are very supportive of all of these new policies. Feel free to read the letter from USA Swimming President & CEO Tim Hinchey.

Letter from Tim Hinchey, USA Swimming President and CEO  https://www.usaswimming.org/articles-landing-page/2019/05/08/maapp-member-letter


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