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2021 Summer Season

Open for Returning Members

5/24/21 - 6/18/21

Open for New Members

5/24/21 - 6/25/21

10 Members

Welcome to the Stoughton Aqua Racers registration for Summer 2021. To guarantee a spot on the team and avoid late fees, please register now. The Summer season is scheduled to begin Monday, June 14 and runs through Friday, August 6.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the number of spaces will be limited and registrations will be granted on a first-come, first-serve basis; note registration does not guarantee a place (a refund will be issued in this event) and will depend on other factors such as the distribution of age across registered swimmers.  So don't delay, register now.

Prior to starting the season, your swimmer must have a 2021 membership. If you have not already renewed your USA Swimming membership, you will automatically be charged for this separately, shortly after you register. The 2021 fee for this membership is $75, regardless of age (unfortunately, they no longer offer a discount for 8 and under swimmers). If your swimmer swam with STAR in the Spring, you will not be charged for this fee.

Please be mindful of some important, new policies regarding the pool and practice:

1) No changing is allowed in the locker rooms.  Swimmers are to arrive and leave with their suits on.  Locker rooms are only to be used for pre-practice showers and restroom use.  Since STAR will be practicing at the same time as lap swimmers, the limited use of the locker rooms will avoid congestion.

2) When swimmers exit the locker room onto the pool deck, they should move to the right (there will be arrows) going by the deep end and place their bags on the bench on the far wall in a marked off block (family members/"pod" members should share a block).

3) When practice has ended, swimmers should exit via the deep end of the pool, grab their bags, and exit the pool deck via exit 25 (same as what is done in lap swim).

4) Masks are to be worn at all times when not in the water, i.e., on the pool deck, going to the restroom, entering and exiting the pool area, etc.

5)  Families will be required to follow-up with the pool's administrative staff regarding membership.  A reminder that a pool membership is required for swimmers to swim.  If they do not have a valid membership, they will not be allowed to practice until they do.  Families can purchase or update their memberships during pool hours (cash or check only).  If families have questions about their membership status, or questions in general, they can contact Sally Maclaren-Meuer ([email protected]; 608-877-5627) and/or visit the pool's website (SASD Pool) and click on the ADMISSION FEES tab.

6) Due to Covid guidelines/regulations, swimmers will be checking in with the cashier prior to practice.  Therefore, there will be no physical pass needed/provided at this time. 

Registration Dues:


Summer - Single Payment

Summer - Multiple Payments



$80 x 2



$85 x 2



$95 x 2



$105 x 2



$117.50 x 2


$260 $130 x 2
  • If a swimmer's annual (2021) USA Swimming Membership has not been renewed (or does not yet exist), you will be charged a fee ($75) shortly after you register.
  • There is a 5% discount when two returning swimmers from the same family are registered, and a 10% discount when more than two returning swimmers from the same family are registered.
  • Billing for Multiple Payments Option: Payment #1 collected at time of registration; Payment #2 automatically charged on August 1, 2021 (be sure credit/debit card information is updated).
  • Any late signups for returning (i.e., non-new) swimmers (i.e., past June 14) will be charged an additional $25 late fee.
  • Refer a friend, notify the Board, and earn a $50 credit good towards registration the next season you register!


No STAR swimmer will be turned away for reason of financial hardship. Partial or full sponsorships covering registration dues may be available if your swimmer receives reduced or free lunches in school. Financial assistance with USA Swimming Membership fees and some meet fees (e.g., home, states) may also be available. Please contact the registrar and consult the policy regarding STAR scholariships to see if your swimmer is eligible.

Registration Instructions:

When prompted to "Register for this Group" you will select the practice group and season (or seasons) your swimmer will be swimming. For example, if your swimmer will be swimming with the Mini Viking squad, select "Mini Viking", and so on. If you are unsure of which practice group to register for, please contact Coach AJ ([email protected]).

We look forward to having you back swimming with the STAR this Spring (finally), and are excited for another great session!

Questions may be directed to the team registrar, Elliott Paletz, at [email protected].

Registration is not open. Please come back later.