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2019 Fall-Winter (Short Course) Season

Open for Returning Members

8/23/19 - 12/1/19

Open for New Members

8/22/19 - 12/1/19


Welcome to the Stoughton Aqua Racers registration for our upcoming short-course season! To guarantee a spot on the team and avoid late fees, please register now. A 5% discount is given to all registrants who make a single, up front payment for the entire Fall Session + Winter Session Season which begins Wednesday, September 4 and runs through Friday, March 7th. For Winter Only Registration, follow instructions below.

Practice Group Expectations:

The Fall session runs through Friday, November 15, and the subsequent Winter session runs Monday, November 18 through Friday, March 7. If your swimmer is interested in swimming during either Fall+Winter or Fall Only, registration will close on Tuesday, September 3. If only interested in swimming during Winter, registration will close on Sunday, November 17.

High School swimmers who are unable to participate for both seasons due to High School Team should
sign up at the "High School Team" rate and join the team before and/or after the High School season starts and/or ends. The coaching staff will determine which practice group each "High School Team" swimmer will practice with.

Any other swimmers who are not able to participate during both seasons should sign up for either Fall Only or Winter Only. If you are not sure about your swimmer's interest in Winter at the time of signup for Fall, you may add Winter later, before the Winter deadline of November 17th (5% discount will not apply, however). If you are already signed up for Fall Only and wish to add Winter, please contact the registrar. 

Registration Dues:


(Multiple Payments)

(Multiple Payments)

Single Payment

With 5% Discount

Multiple Payments


($80 x 2)

($105 x 2)


$92.50 x 4


($85 x 2)

($110 x 2)


$97.50 x 4


($92.50 x 2)

($120 x 2)


$106.25 x 4


($102.50 x 2)

($132.50 x 2)


$117.50 x 4


($115 x 2)

($145 x 2)


$130 x 4


($130 x 2)

($165 x 2)


$147.50 x 4

High School $260 (Boys) $260 (Girls) N/A
  • Registration dues have been reduced to offset the cost of the newly required SASD pool memberships for all swimmers. Click here (and then click on the ADMISSION FEES box) to view the district's latest membership fees for all users of the pool, effective Sep 1, 2019. SASD pool memberships can be purchased, via check, only at the SHS pool cashier's window.
  • If a swimmer's annual USA Swimming Membership is or becomes expired (or does not yet exist at the start of the season), an additional $72 ($62 if age 8 and under) will be charged to cover this membership fee.
  • There is a 5% discount if registering for the full Fall+Winter season and also paying in full up front.
  • There is a 5% discount when two returning swimmers from the same family are registered, and a 10% discount when more than two returning swimmers from the same family are registered.
  • Billing for Multiple Payments Option: Time of Registration & November 1 (Fall Only); Time of Registration & February 1 (Winter Only); Time of Registration, November 1, December 1, & February 1 (Full Fall+Winter Season).
  • Any late signups for returning (i.e., non-new) swimmers for Fall Only session or the Fall+Winter season (i.e., past September 3) or Winter Only session (i.e., past November 17) will be charged an additional $25 late fee.
  • Refer a friend and earn a $50 credit good towards registration the next season you register!


No STAR swimmer will be turned away for reason of financial hardship. Partial or full sponsorships covering registration dues may be available if your swimmer receives reduced or free lunches in school. Financial assistance with USA Swimming Membership fees and some meet fees (e.g., home, states) may also be available. Please contact the registrar and consult the policy regarding STAR scholariships to see if your swimmer is eligible.

Registration Instructions (Please Read Carefully):

Returning Swimmers Only (not swimmers new to STAR): When prompted to "Register for this Group" you will select the practice group and season (or seasons) your swimmer will be swimming. For example, if your swimmer will be swimming with the Purple practice squad for the Fall and Winter, select "Purple - Fall+Winter"; if your swimmer is swimming Mini Viking for only Fall, select "Mini Viking - Fall Only"; and so on.

New Placement Swimmers Only (swimmers joining STAR for the first time): When prompted to "Register for this Group" you will select either "**New Placement Swimmer** - 8 & younger" or "**New Placement Swimmer** - 9 & older", whichever applies. That is DO NOT select Mini Viking, White, Norse, Purple, Pre-Senior, or Senior at this point; you will do that for all future session registrations (e.g., Spring 2020). A charge of either $62 (8 & younger) or $72 (9 & older) will be added to cover the first 8 days (trial period) your swimmer practices with the team. At the end of this period, the registrar will contact you. If after the trial period your swimmer decides to continue on an officially join STAR, the registrar will charge your account the appropriate dues for the season (depending on the practice group your swimmer is placed in; see above); the $62 or $72 will be retained to cover the annual USA Swimming membership fee, as every swimmer on the team must be a member (membership also includes a quarterly subscription to Splash magazine). If after the trial period your swimmer decides not to continue on with the team, STAR will refund the USA Swimming fee to your account. Of course it is our hope that you and your swimmer find the experience enjoyable regardless of your decision.

We look forward to having you swim with the Stoughton Aqua Racers this Fall and/or Winter, and are excited for another great session! The Fall/Winter Season will include 25 yard and meter swim meets, including our Shooting STAR home meet at SHS on the weekend of October 12th and 13th (2019), and Regionals on the weekend of February 21st through the 23rd (2020).

Questions may be directed to the team registrar, Elliott Paletz, at

Registration is not open. Please come back later.