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2020 Long Course Season

Open for Returning Members

6/4/20 - 8/29/20

Open for New Members

6/4/20 - 8/29/20


Lake Country Swim Team

2020 Long Course Season Registration

Long Course Season Registration is open.  We are excited to get the kids back in the water.

Season Dates:  Practices will begin Monday, June 8th and continue through Saturday, August 22nd for all groups.  We have not planned any meets yet, but we will be working to provide appropriate competition opportunities as soon as they are allowed.  In the meantime, we will be providing a great exercise and swimmer development program for our swimmers.  Girl high school swimmers will have a 9-week season leading into their high school season.  Select that registration group if you intend to swim high school starting on August 11th.  The fees are prorated for those swimmers.

Practice Schedule:  The facility situation is still very fluid, so we will be releasing the practice schedule in parts for now.  We thank you in advance for your patience and flexibility.  We did our best to assign practice times that were feasible for our members while ensuring the maintenance of recommended social distancing.

Part 1, June 8-13:  We are confirmed to practice at the Hartford outdoor pool starting June 8, so our first confirmed practice schedule is for that week.  All practices that week will be at the Veteran’s Memorial Aquatic Center in Hartford.  Please see the Part 1 schedule linked below.

Summer LC Practice Schedule Pt. 1 (June 7-13)

Part 2, June 13-June 30:  We are confirmed for practice at the Hartford outdoor through June 30.  We also feel it is likely that we will be allowed to start practice at Arrowhead on June 15, but that will not be officially determined until the June 10 Arrowhead School Board meeting.  We have developed a schedule for June 15-30 that includes the use of Arrowhead High School.  This schedule is posted below but should be considered provisional at this time.  In addition to the uncertainty of the June 15 Arrowhead opening, we also are not sure of what our group numbers will look like.  Once our swimmers are registered, and the access is confirmed, we will confirm this schedule.  If our access to Arrowhead is delayed until July 1st, we will develop a practice schedule using the Hartford outdoor through June 30th.  Our schedule starting July 1st schedule will be similar to the schedule posted below.

Summer LC Practice Schedule Pt. 2 (June 14-30) - Provisional

Fees:  Fees have been prorated to account for the shortening of the season.  The fee chart is at the link below:

Summer LC Season Fees

Payment Options:  You may pay for the season in one, two or three installments.  You may pay by check or credit card.  Full payment by check provides you with a 4% discount.  Due to the continued uncertainty of consistent access to pools, the following payment policies are in effect for this season.

  • In the event of a pool closure making it impossible for us to continue the season, we will credit and refund members for the lost weeks.
  • Swimmers may opt into or out of the program at any time and fees will be prorated for invoicing or refund.  Invoices will be run and due on a monthly basis.
  • The seasonal service program is suspended for the long course season, meaning there will be no deposit nor service required. We will be counting on the generosity of our members to accomplish some of the needs met by the seasonal service program.
  • The meet service program will stay in effect. If we run meets, we will need our families to meet their service requirement.
  • If you are in a stressed financial situation, please contact us, we want to support your swimmer and will be flexible regarding deferred or forgiven payment to returning families.

Safety Measures:  The health and safety of our swimmers and staff is especially important to us.  Please see the VMAC Practice Safety Checklist linked below.  All families are expected to know the practice requirements and follow our safety protocols for each pool.  Arrowhead guidelines are under development and will be posted upon completion.  If you do not think your swimmer will be able to follow the guidelines for our practices, you should not register them at this time.

The Hartford VMAC has a very comprehensive disinfecting protocol and oversees facility sanitation.

VMAC Practice Safety Checklist

Waiver:  All members are required to sign and return the following waiver to acknowledge the contagious nature of COVID-19 and voluntarily assume the risk that your family, including child(ren), may be exposed to or infected by COVID-19 while on site at the pool or facility and that such exposure or infection may result in personal injury, illness, permanent disability, and death.


USA Swimming Registration Required For All Members

ALL swimmers are REQUIRED to be a USA Swimming member which we cover through your Club Membership payment (annually, Sept-Aug.) If you are a current 2020 USA swimmer transferring from another team fill out the Wisconsin Swimming Transfer Form and send to LCST, PO Box 181, Hartland, WI 53029.

If you paid the annual Club Membership in full during the Short Course season, this fee will be waived.  All other swimmers will be charged a pro-rated fee to cover membership thru August.  If you are not currently USA Registered, you will be charged the prorated Club Membership fee of $80 on your first invoice.  The registration system will not automatically charge this fee.

Current Lake Country Swimmers Group Placement
Current Lake Country Swim Team swimmers should refer to the 2020 Long Course Season Group List to register for the correct group(s). Any questions about group placement should be answered prior to registering.

New Age Group and/or Senior Swimmers To Lake Country Swim Team
If you are new to Lake Country Swim Team, please call the team office for proper group placement.

Current Members With Current Outstanding Dues
Please pay all past due meet/registration fees prior to or during registration. Please contact Mark Kohnhorst if you need assistance in paying past dues.

Required Agreements 

You will be asked to agree to several documents throughout the registration process.  Please read the required agreements and acknowledge acceptance.  Understand that by agreeing you have waived valuable legal rights:

  • Medical Release Waiver
  • MAAPP/Code Of Conduct/Bully/Electronic Communication/Photo Policy
  • Parent Meet Worker Policies/Information
  • Required Concussion Information & Form To Be Returned By 1st Practice

State of Wisconsin Concussion Law Requirement!
All Lake Country Swimmers MUST return a completed and signed Parent/Athlete Concussion form at the start of EVERY season. A link to this form is located in the registration process. Please take a moment and download the pdf, complete and sign it and return to the team at the first in-person practice.

If you have any questions, please email or call Coach Mark at 262-367-7657.


How To Register:

ALL Age Group and Senior programs should click the check status button below to continue with your registration.

We look forward to having you join the Lake Country Swim Team and are excited for another great season!