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2019 USA Swimming/OSI Registration

Open for Returning Members

9/1/18 - 8/31/19

Open for New Members

9/1/18 - 8/31/19

Welcome to the Oregon Swimming registration platform for 2019.  The registration platform should be used to register both clubs and individual non-athletes.    Please read the following carefully!  Additional step-by-step instructions for registration are available here.

Club registration  should be completed before Friday, November 1, 2018 but must be created prior to the registration of any athletes for 2019.   Each OSI club should be registered under its own account using the email address of the club administrator (the person responsible for payments to OSI (i.e. treasurer or team manager.)  

Please enter the full team name as the "First Name" and the club code under "Last Name" of the account.  *Important* - The club administrator must also register with their name as a member on the account under either the Club-Year Round or Club-Seasonal registration groups.  This is what generates the club's registration for the year. For 2018, you will not be charged at the time of online registration for the club's 2018 membership - OSI will invoice you once your registration form is received via email or mail.

Non-athlete registration can be done in one of two ways:

  • Club administrators can register non-athletes (coaches, officials, others (board members, team manager, chaperones, treasurer, etc.) as members under the club account.  This will automatically generate a charge to the club's account.  
  • Non-athletes can register themselves under their own account and member.  This will automatically generate a charge to their own account.  If there are multiple non-athletes in one family, they can register under one account.

Additional non-athlete registration information.:

  • If the club administrator is to be registered as a non-athlete with USA Swimming, they should create a second membership under either the club account, or set up their own account with themselves as a member.
  • Non-athletes who serve in more than one capacity (i.e. coach and official, or board member and official) should register under the highest cost level applicable to them (1. Coach 2. Official 3. Other)
  • Officials should register in the group of their highest certification level.  
  • Non-athletes can be registered at any time - it is not necessary to register all non-athletes at the time of the club registration.  Simply click "Start Registration" and log in each time you wish to register a non-athlete or group of non-athletes.

Payment  may be made in one of two ways:

  • With credit card at the time of registration.  Please note that a processing fee of $.30 + $2.95 of the registration amount will be added to each credit card payment.   Please email or mail a hard copy of the registration form to the addresses below.
  • By check mailed to Oregon Swimming, 12655 Center Street Suite 330, Beaverton, OR, 97005.   Please include a copy of the online registration receipt and the registration form with your payment.  Forms can also be emailed to office@oregonswimming.org in lieu of mailing.

Thank you for your assistance and good luck in the coming season!