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Rattler Swim Club Registration Restart

Open for Returning Members

2/10/21 - 4/10/21

Open for New Members

3/1/21 - 8/31/21


Hi Rattler Members,

Welcome to Rattler Swim Club Registration Restart.

We know we asked everyone back in December to go through registration.  At that point in time, we didn’t have a restart date, but we wanted to make sure everyone’s USA Swimming membership was up to date.

Thank you to everyone who completed that!

Now that we have a restart date of February 15th, okay it’s a soft restart since we will not begin monthly billing until March 1st.  We are asking you to go through another registration.  This time will be collecting a reduce annual family registration fee of $25.  (It has been $100 in the past).

In addition, we are also using this registration process to get all the necessary forms out.  Here is a brief summary:

  • Rattler 2021 Parent Contract
  • Rattler Liability Release (Updated to meet USA Swimming requirements)
  • Rattler Medical Release
  • Rattler Photography Consent
  • California Concussion Protocol (new State of California requirement)

Please note on the 2021 Parent Contract we are suspending bullet point 3 and 4 currently.  When the situation changes, we will revisit holding a Swim-A-Thon and the family fundraising obligation.

Click HERE to download all of the necessary documents.  Please have them completed to hand in on the first day you plan to attend to practice.

The Board and Officers would like to take the opportunity to WELCOME everyone back.  We understand it has been long road, but we are excited to get going again.

From a coaching perspective, we have a unified philosophy of attention to detail with both stroke technique and training.  We continue to strive to help each swimmer become the best PERSON they can be.  The success rate is obvious when we look proudly at our many successful alumni which have return to be our coaches.

Thank you for continuing to contribute to our family friendly atmosphere and helping to make RATTLER Swim Club the successful.

Forest Riek
Vice President
SFV Aquatics Inc / Rattler Swim Club (RTLR)