Membership Information


Joining KNIK is easy!


Step 1:  Contact us.


Step 2:  Make an appointment and attend that evaluation.


Step 3:  If the evaluation meets your approval, express your interest and attend a two-week free trail.  Pick up a registration packet at the pool or download the materials from the team’s web-site click here and complete the paperwork.


Step 4:  At the end of the two-week free trial submit your paperwork along with a check for $100 membership fee + $76 USA Swimming Membership. This covers registering you with USA Swimming (our national organization and insurance provider), a team T-Shirt, and a team swim cap.  Your dues will begin your first full month on the team after your 2-week trial period.



P.O. Box 210135
Anchorage, AK  99521-0135