Membership Information
  • Swimmers must be registered on our website. Failure to register will prevent your swimmer(s) from joining practice and being signed up for meet events.
  • Parents are required to volunteer for each Home Meet for 2 sessions minimum for each household. Missing volunteer sessions will result in $100 fine each. Parents are welcome to find a volunteer substitute to fill in.
  • Transfering swimmers must submit AMS transfer form during registration.


  • Registration Fee Schedule: Our fees are comprehensive and subjected to changes yearly. For the most current fee schedule for each swimming group (Developmental, State, Regional, National, Highschool, or Masters), please refer to our website or registration announcement email.
  • Method of payment: Member must set up their payment options according to swimmers’ assigned groups. Minimum of 50% of your total fee according to group membership is due by January 1st. After January 1st, you are expected to settle your remaining balance. Our Team Unify system is set up to accept credit cards only.
  • Payment options:
  • Monthly (your credit card will be charged the first day of the month from October through June). Your September tuition is due at initial registration.
  • Semi-annually (your credit card will be charged on the first day of January for the remaining balance).
  • Paid-in-full
  • Non-refundable items:
  • USA Swimming, Allegheny Mountain Swimming fee
  • Club annual membership fee
  • Required swim cap for new swimmer (with customization option)
  • Required team T-shirt for new swimmer
  • Concession fee (a one-time charge for each family)
  • Non-resident fee
  • No-show volunteer fine
  • Meet Fees: Parents are to respond before Coach’s deadline for meet entries. After the deadline, parents are responsible to pay for swimmers’ assigned meet events. Swimmers’ meet events will be entered through the Team Unify system. Typically, the cost is $5/event, with a max of 12 events for each swimmer in a meet. Accumulated meet fees will be automatically charged to your saved credit cards at each monthly billing cycle.
  • Refund and cancellation:
    • In any case of cancellation, returning swimmers will not receive any refund after the first 4 weeks of practice. If notice of cancellation for returning swimmer is received within the 4 week period, the swimmer will be responsible for 20% of his/her total payment minus the non-refundable items.
    • 20% of original payment minus the non-refundable items will be refunded to new swimmers if cancellation notice is received by the end of the 4th week of season.
    • All refunds due to cancellation cannot exceed 50% of total membership.
    • The season starts on the first day of practice for returning swimmers.
  • Multi-swimmer discount: Family that registers for more than 1 swimmers at the same time will automatically receive 12% discount at registration check out and at recurring monthly tuition. For separate registrations of swimmers in which you don’t receive this discount, please notify the club to have it issued to you in the next billing cycle.
  • Reimbursement: Swimmers who are qualified for Zone, Sectional, Junior, and National meets may be eligible fpr reimbursements by Allegheny Mountain Swimming.  Please refer to the AMS webiste for details.

Our payment policy applies regardless of injuries, relocation, membership forfeiture due to misconducts, or voluntary resignation situations. Therefore, we require that you read and understand your financial obligation before making your commitment to the Hampton Dolphins.


  • Delinquent account: If an account is 45 days or more in delinquency, due to an expired or invalid credit card, the account holder and his or her swimmer(s)’ membership will be forfeited and therefore any individual related to the account will not be permitted to participate in any of the Hampton Dolphins’ activity or to represent the Hampton Dolphins in any capacity.
  • For Hampton Dolphins delinquent member who wants to transfer to another USA-Swimming-Sanctioned club: please refer to USAS website for further information about club delinquent penalty. Your negligence might result in barring your swimmers from further USAS meets. If you need further information, please feel free to contact our board.
  • Renewal: Prior to annual membership renewal, all delinquent accounts must be paid in full. If family has a remaining unpaid balance, they will be billed the overdue amount in additional to the new registration fees at check out. The total amount will be charged to the valid credit card on file.
  • Financial hardship: The Hampton Dolphins’ mission is to serve and promote swimming sport in our community. Financial assistance is available to qualified families. Please fill out the Contact Us form on our website for further information.