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Welcome to the 2018-2019 Short Course season of the WHAT program.  We are so glad that you have chosen WHAT for your child’s swim training and development. Feel free to contact various members of the Board at any time throughout the year. Our contact information is all on the website under the Swim Team tab and Contacts.

The vast majority of our communication with you will be via email and our website,, so make it a habit to check your email and the WHAT website daily for updates and last minute schedule changes.  In addition, there are bulletin boards in the High School pool ante room and in the hall outside the pool at the Junior High School that will be updated periodically.  Remember to check them when you drop your child off for practice.

Our first priority is ensuring that your child has a positive experience and that we can foster a love of the sport of swimming in him or her.  We are confident that our coaches are some of the best in Allegheny Mountain Swimming, the local swim committee we belong to.  We encourage you to speak with them often concerning your child’s progress.

All information regarding the swim team, including the pool locations, practice schedule, group levels, and required equipment can be found under the Swim Team tab on the website homepage.

Finally, we encourage you to become actively involved in the club.  Simply contact one of the Board Members and let us know your interests, abilities or concerns.   





All swimmers must be USA Swimming insured to participate in any WHAT competitive program.  There are no exceptions.  Intro-to-WHAT swimmers participating in a 2 week trial are excluded, as long as they were not previously USA Swimming insured with another team in the previous season and their insurance has expired.

The fee for USA Swimming Insurance for 2018/19 is $78 per swimmer.  Insurance is valid this September through December of next year (16 months). The fee for USA Swimming Insurance if you qualify for the free or reduced priced lunches is $5 per swimmer.

For more information including the Dues/Fees schedule or on joining our club please refer to the Team Registration icon button on the Homepage. Please contact the Membership Chair, Lisa Caulfield if you have any further questions.



WHAT offers families with more than one swimmer enrolled in one of our competitive groups a 5% discount off of the total swimmers’ tuition at the checkout.  


Financial Hardship

If there is financial hardship which makes meeting the payment terms outlined above difficult, please contact Lisa Caulfield for scholarship information. You can also visit the Parents tab and click on WHAT scholarships for more information and contact information.



A full refund of tuition will be given upon request within 7 days of joining the team.  After that date, pro-rated refunds will only be provided upon Board approval of circumstances.  Requests for refunds must be made in writing to the Board President, Lisa Caulfield for Board considerationUSA Insurance fees will not be refunded if the fee has already been submitted to USA Swimming.  A $25 administrative fee per swimmer will be charged for any refund requested after the 7-day period.