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Please contact Coach Tony to schedule a tryout.
Coach Tony Marleneanu at or 501-764-7946

Hendrix pool address:      Hendrix College Aquatic Center

Wellness and Athletics Center

Corner of Harkrider and Siebenmorgen

Conway, Arkansas

Thanks for your interest in Aquakids Swim Team.

The AquaKids Swim Team is not a learn to swim program. However, we have a developmental rank on our swim team that can take marginal swimmers and teach them to become confident competitive swimmers.
Orange Group requirements:
Minimum of 6 years old
Swim 25 yards without stopping
Attend at least one of three practices per week
Have a suit, goggles and swim cap (females) Cap for males is optional
The coaching staff believes that 7 is the optimal age to begin competitive swimming. A Learn to Swim program is offered during the summer.
 The AquaKids hold open recruitment twice a year in August and April. You may join the team at any time by contacting the coaching Coach Tony by phone or email for an evaluation.
Contact us at 501-764-SWIM (7946) or


USA Swimming Registration Fee for 2017 is $75.00 and the Team Registration Fee for 2017 is $50.00.  The total of $125.00 is due in September. The registration is done online on our website. Please click "Start Registration" tab on the right side of the the webiste and follow the steps. If you have any questions, please conctact Coach Tony. 

Monthly / Seasonal Dues

New swimmers may participate for a maximum of two weeks prior to payment of the fees. Families may make a commitment for a season (4 months) and must pay dues for that entire period or pay monthly dues.  Monthly or Seasonal bank drafts are required for the amount of your swimmer's dues depending on the team your swimmer is on: Developmental, Orange, Black, Pre-Senior, or Senior. Please see the link for the Financial Packet for All Swimmers located under the "Team's Page" tab at the top of the page for required paperwork.

Aquakids Monthly Fees

                                     Monthly                                                Seasonal

Orange             -$65.00                               $240

Black               -$85.00                               $320

Pre-Senior        -$90.00                               $340

Senior              -$95.00                               $360


For a family that has two or more swimmers, the top level swimmer will be charged full fee with a 10% discount for the second swimmer, 50% discount for the third and the fourth and up are free.

Meet Entry Fees

Meet fees are billed out after the meet your swimmer has attended the meet. You will receive an invoice each month explaing all the fees charged. If you have any questions, please contact Kara Bloomfield.





Aquakids, Inc.
P.O. Box 10155
Conway, AR 72034.


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