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PO Box 83625

Fairbanks, AK 99708



MSST has occasionally scheduled tryouts each year. Keep an eye on our announcements for times and dates of these tryouts, they will also be posted on the bulletin board at Hamme Pool.

Tryouts can also be arranged by appointment. Typically a try out is held 15-minutes after the finish of the novice practice. Check the latest practice schedule for times and then contact us to arrange a day. The coach will get back to you to schedule your try out.

After the tryout, the Coach will supply the new swim family with instructions on how to register for the team. Our registration process is online which includes USA Swimming registration, contact information, medical information, code of conduct, photo release, volunteering and fundraising requirements. The fees are for joining our team include USA Swimming and the first dues payment for the current month.

You may not swim for the team until the tryout and online registration process is complete.

Once the online registration packet is completed, the Registrar will contact you via email to confirm your membership. Our Registrar is Debbie Baldwin and you can contact her at  

Required Skills: 


Most kids who successfully try out have completed level IV swim lessons at Hamme Pool (though several level III swimmers have made the team.) Swimmers are required to swim one lap of freestyle and one lap of backstroke. It is essential that swimmers know how to rotary breathe (side breathing) to make the team. Some swimmers only require a small amount of improvement to achieve this level, and we have a special temporary novice squad that focuses on transitioning the swimmer to the team. We encourage swimmers who don’t have the necessary skills to return to lessons and try out at a later date.

Billing Questions:

The team treasurer position is shared by several hard-working volunteers.  If you have a question about your bill, please contact our treasurers at

Change in Status:

If you need to make a change in your swimmers status, you need to go on maintenance or for any reason you need to leave the team, please make sure your swimmer tells their coach and also emails the treasurer at

The backstroke


The freestyle


Rotary breathing