Membership Information


Thank you for your interest in PST.  

We offer "Trial Days" so you can have the chance to meet the coaches and kids.  Trial Days are the last week of the month. You may swim with the team for three days during this week. On Monday of the trial days bring the:   PST Medical/Photo Release Form   and a New Swimmer information sheet.

Before registering, read the PST Handbook and talk to the coaches about which level to register your swimmer for.  

To continue with Prescott Swim Team after your trial is over, a parent or guardian MUST complete the registration process.

1. You MUST register your swimmer online, during this process you will pay the registration fees. Contact the registrar for direction on paying your first-month dues.

2. A copy of the swimmer's birth certificate is required to complete the registration, email a copy to Wendy Temple

Once the registration is complete, your swimmer will be allowed to swim with the team again. You can join anytime during the year.  

Registration is NOT complete until a copy of the birth certificate is received.

Please note that registration fees are NOT pro-rated if you start in the middle of a month or year. 



Year-Round Registration Fees = $126.00 
($66.00 for USA/AZ Swimming + $60.00 for PST annual registration).

Monthly Dues are as follows:    

Basic – Practice any two days a week - $45 a month

Black – Practice three days a week - $60 a month

Gold - Practice five days a week - $75 a month

(second and subsequent swimmers will receive a $5 dollar a month discount)

Team fees are not pro-rated for team breaks, missed practices, vacations or electing to be inactive.  One practice session equals one month's team fees.


Order your practice suits, goggles, and caps at  Swim Outlet.  

Use  this list  for other recommended equipment that can also be purchased at Swim Outlet.

Order a PST sweatshirt at our PST Apparel Store, or choose from many styles of shirts, hats, etc.  Items are customizable and can be delivered right to your doorstep!