Membership Information

Youth Programs

Sedona Swim Team operates two types of swim teams: Recreational and USA.
Recreational  - This team is run during the summer. These swimmers are encouraged to swim the Recreation Meets that we have scheduled. Recreation Meets are relaxed and perfect for new swimmers and only occur during the Summer session. This is a great starting point as it is fun for the swimmer and a great introduction to meets.  

U.S. Masters Swimming for Adults

Are you interested in trying Masters Swim? Have you ever wondered what it is like to swim with people that are a part of your community and interested in the same activities as you? Are you tired of your same old activities and want to do a new activity? Well, Sedona Masters swim is the thing for you!

Join us at one of our practices to talk to our members and our coaches about the experience that you will have when you participate in our program. Any members and/or team administrator is open to answering any of your questions that you might have.

As a member of our master's program, we ask that you register as a US Masters, once registered please print out your card and show one of the coaches on deck. If you have already displayed your card to one of the lifeguards on the deck you do not need to do so again. This membership allows you to swim with our team, and other US Masters teams and compete in meets around the world. The membership expires once a year so you will need to renew it in order to continue to swim with not only our team or with any other master's program.

US Masters Website