Membership Information

The necessary forms required for enrollment with The Dolphin Swimming Club can be found at the DOWNLOAD link at the end of this section or in the download section in the ’Dolphin Swimming Club’ folder.

1. Enrollment at the Beginning of the ‘Swim Year’:
Interested Parents/Guardians wishing to enroll their child(ren) in any of the Club’s swimming programs, and ALL returning Dolphin swimmers, are asked to fully complete the requisite enrollment forms. All forms must be delivered to the St. John’s College pool facility by hand to a Club, together with the requisite program fee.

Subsequent Term Payments (installment payments) may be made during practice hours at St. John’s College pool facility within the required time frame.  Payments by cheque may be made payable to The Dolphin Swimming Club and mailed to the following Post Office Box address:- P.O. Box SS-5859, Nassau, Bahamas.

2. New Enrollment after beginning of ‘Swim Year’:

Interested Parents/Guardians who become aware of the Club programs subsequent to the beginning of the ‘Swim Year’ and wish to enroll their child(ren), should contact the Club using the link at the bottom of the page.

WEBSITE ‘CLUB MEMBERS SECTION’ ACCESS: Upon completion of the enrollment process (and confirmation of the payment of the required fee) each Dolphin Swimming Club member and parent (one per member and one per parent) shall be entitled to receive access to the ‘Club Members Section’ on the Club’s website. In order to receive access to the ‘Club Members Section’ each Member and parent must register on the website. Once registered on the website every member/parent shall send an email to notifying the Club of the username used to login to the Club website. Once notified of your username and provided all fees have been paid up to date you shall receive access to the ‘Club Members Section’. Access to the ‘Club Members Section’ allows each member/parent to gain access to confidential Club information during the swim year provided their account remains current.

The following is a list of the necessary forms required to be completed for each of the available programs:

1. Competitve:
i.) Dolphin Swimming Club Enrollment Form;
ii.) Bahamas Swimming Federation – Swimmer Registration Application Form.(Note – returning swimmers must complete the ‘Bahamas Swimming Federation – Renewal of Swimmer Registration Form’ instead of item (ii) above).

2. Improve Your Stroke (IYS & IYS 2):
i.) ‘Dolphin Swimming Club Enrollment Form’ only.

3. Learn to Swim:
i.) ‘Dolphin Swimming Club Enrollment Form’ only.

4. Adult Program:
i.) ‘Dolphin Swimming Club Enrollment Form’ only.

Should you have any questions or require further information please do not hestitate to contact us.