Membership Information



General Fee Requirement Guideline

Effective as of June 1st, 2019



1.      ACCOUNT SET UP FEE       $120

non-refundable one-time* account set up fee at the time of joining

a. Existing swimmers are exempt

b. Seasonal swimmers (summer-only, or winter-only swimmers) are subject to payment each returning season


2.      Annual USA SWIMMING MEMBERSHIP Renewal (Charged by USA Swimming)

USA Swimming is the governing body of amateur swimming.  This is a mandatory fee that provides insurance coverage for your child/children. DARE Aquatic is here to help each member to have a trouble-free registration only, as this fee goes to USA Swimming. The annual membership fee amount is subject to change by USA Swimming.

a.  Competitive swimmers   $70 as of September 2019 (Full year-round annual membership)

b.  First time members          $20 (Flex membership until the end of August)

c.  Outreach families              $7

                                                   i.           Must provide proof of Federal Food Stamps, Free School Lunch and/or Federal Poverty Guidelines

d. Benefit of the membership

                                                   i.           Insurance coverage for bodily damage and incidents at practice and meets

                                                  ii.           Eligibility to compete in any USA Swimming sanctioned meets


3.      Annual DARE FAMILY COMMITMENT FEE - per child

a.       Single child family   $150

b.       2+ children family

                                                   i.           2 nd child  + $50 (Total $200)

                                                  ii.           3 rd child + $30 (Total $230)

                                                 iii.           4 th and beyond? Welcome to DARE Aquatics! (Max Total $230)



a. Pre-Comp       $100 / month

                                                   i.           1 hr practice from Monday through Friday

b.   Age Group 1   $120 / month

                                                   i.           1.25 hr practice from Monday through Friday

c.    Age Group 2   $150 / month

                                                   i.           12 & Under championship group (JAG/WAG/JOs)

                                                  ii.           1.5 hr wet training, 30 min dryland training

d.   Sr. Dev 1          $175 / month

                                                   i.           13 & Over age BRW group

                                                  ii.           2 hr wet training, 1 hr dryland, seasonal AM practice

e.   Sr. Dev 2          $175 / month

                                                   i.           13 & Over championship group (JAG/WAG/JOs/Sr. Development)

                                                  ii.           2 hr wet training, 1 hr dryland, seasonal AM practice

f.  National Group $210 / month

                                                   i.           Sectionals, Jr. Nationals, Nationas & Olympic Trials level

                                                  ii.           2 hr wet training, 1 hr dryland, routine AM practice (M,W,F)

g. Seasonal Summer/Winter Program         $180 / Month

                                                   i.           Account set up fee $120 applies each returning season

a.       This fee includes USA Swimming Flex membership


5.      Meet Entry Fees

a.      Non-Championship Meets

Timed finalled committee B/R/W meets and invitationals

                                                   i.           Individual event fee as indicated on meet form + $1.00 / event

                                                  ii.           Swimmer surcharge fee as indicated on meet form + $10 /person

b.    Championship Meets

Heats and finals (prelims and finals) championship meets such as; committee champs, league champs, age group champs such as JAG & WAG, Junior Olympic Champs and above.

                                                   i.           Individual event fee as indicated on meet form + $1.50 /event

                                                  ii.           Swimmer surcharge fee as indicated on meet form + $15 /person


6.      PRORATES

Proration for late enrollment begin after the mid-point of the session.  Swimmers enrolling before the mid-point must pay full fees. Family commitment fees will be prorated after the 1st quarter of the year has passed. Unexpected pool closure, annual team break, or personal vacation or break time will not be prorated and it is non-negotiable. There's no per diem proration; no special fee adjustment for missed practice as it is at will.



If your swimmer is promoted in the middle of a month, you will not have to pay an adjusted fee. Your new fee schedule will begin with the next invoice.


8.      LATE FEE

a.       Late fee will be applied after 5 day grace period    $25

b.       Insufficient check & insufficient fund     $50

c.       Delinquent credit card update (Lost, blocked, updated card and etc.)     $50



Temporary membership suspension is respected for religious or medical reasons ONLY.

Your request to hold monthly dues for the following will be denied and the team will not hold a spot for the swimmer to return;

·        Any request for less than a month

·        Long vacations

Once complete suspension of the account takes place, re-joining fee will apply.  (See RE-JOINING FEE)

Pre-comp swimmers are exempt.



Applies to any competitive swimmers who attempt to come back to DARE Aquatics after a complete withdrawal from the team.

a.   First attempt   $200

b.   Second attempt $400

c.    3rd attempt will not be considered

d.   Exemptions

                                                   i.           Pre-Comp swimmers

                                                  ii.           Swimmers who have left the team prior to June 1st, 2019 are exempt

                                                 iii.           DARE graduates

                                                 iv.           Swimmers with religious or medical reasons.

a.       Exemption will not be respected if the swimmer joined another competitive swim team during the temporary suspension period prior to returning

11.    Team Equipment

a.       Caps - $15

                                                   I.           Classic navy cap – for practice and timed finals meets

                                                  II.           Silver and Orange Championship cap – Prelims at any heats and finals meets

                                                III.           Finals Cap – Finals at any heats and finals meets

b.       T-shirt - $20

                                                   I.           Classic charcoal

                                                  II.           Heather grey championship

c.       Hoodies - $35

d.       Parkas - $115

12.    Cancellation Policy

a.       30 day written notification to cancel membership required. NO exception.