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Island Swimming Registration Information

2018-2019 Registration Information 


All our registrations are now done online.

Click here to access the registration site.

How to register:

  1. Click Create Account and set up your registration account using the Same email address you used for your Swimming Canada registration. Current members are already in the system. New members create an account with your email address
  2. Once your account is created, you will receive a confirmation email from the system. You can then continue.
    1. Now go back and Select Log In with your access and password.
    2. Select Program Info/ Registration from the top left
    3. Choose Explore or Register for either the pre-competitive or competitive programs
    4. Select the group you want to register for  NOTE: **ISS, Green and Blue groups run at two pools. Be sure to carefully select the correct days, times and location
    5. Click Register and select the swimmer you wish to register
  3. Follow the instructions to complete your registration. A confirmation email will be sent to you and to the ISC office
    1. The ISC office will follow up with payment and medical forms (if applicable)., Your registration will be considered complete once the ISC Society fee, Swim BC registration and Officials Improvement Bond (if applicable) are paid in full.

2018/19 Competitive Program Schedule

2018/19 Pre-Competitive Program Schedule

2018/19 Fees Chart

2018/19 Volunteer Requirement

2018/19 IRace Schedule

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Some basic general information....  

All Training Fees are based on weeks of training during the year. For your convenience, group training fees may be paid in 9 equal installments starting October 1st until June 1st by direct debit, post-dated cheques or credit card. Swimmers who move training groups throughout the season must adjust their payment accordingly. New swimmers can join at any time during the season and the fees will be pro-rated. There is no pro-ration of fees for withdrawals. 

Volunteer Points  Please refer to the Island Swimming Policy Manual to understand your volunteer commitment as a member of Island Swimming. This program was first implemented during the 2006-2007 swim season and has proved to be highly successful in ensuring all families volunteer the time the organization needs to survive and to thrive. Those who meet their minimum point requirements qualify to earn Bonus Points.  Those who do not meet thier basic points are assesed with penalty.  

Society/Registration Fee:  Is an annual fee of $20 per family and is due at the time of registration.

Swim BC Registration Fees:  Are charged by Swim BC, our governing body.  Swim BC fees pay for swimmer insurance, membership with Swimming Canada and athlete development programs.  Fees are mandatory for all members and are non-refundable.  

Other Account Charges:  Charges that are paid by the swim club on behalf of your child throughout the season will be charged to your swimmer’s account.  These charges include swim meet entry fees, team equipment, team clothing, team travel and other charges. An estimate of team travel costs are due by deposit before your swimmer travels with the club. All swimmers at an away meet pay a share of the costs of the coaches to attend. Statements will be sent out monthly. We do not use the website for payments or accounting information. Please read the Account Payment Policy in the Island Swimming Policy Manual

Family Discounts are available for families with more than one child swimming: in the early competitive groups the 2nd swimmer is 90% of full group rate, and 3rd swimmer is 80% of full group rage.  In competitive groups the 2nd swimmer is 80% of full group rate and the 3rd is 50% of full group rate. The first swimmer in your family is always the swimmer in the highest cost group. The discounts do not apply to Society/Registration fees or Swim BC Fees.

Payment Options:  see our fee schedule for more information.

  1. We have moved to a CAFT (direct debit) system. A 3% discount is offered to families who use the direct debit system **Note: void cheque (or a photocopy) is required for first time set up**
  2.  Ongoing payments may be mailed to 100-4636 Elk Lake Drive, Victoria BC V8Z 5M1 or dropped off in the drop box located in the poolside timing booth at Saanich Commonwealth Place.
    NSF cheques will be charged an additional $25.00.
  3. Visa and Mastercard are accepted. Please contact the office adminoffice@islandswimming.com to complete a credit card authorization form

Financial Support:

KidSport™ grants are available for children between the ages of 5 and 18 years who are in financial need to pay registration fees for the sport of their choice.  For more details and to apply for a grant click here: KidSport

Canadian Tire Jumpstart gets kids in the game by covering the costs of equipment, registration and/or transportation. For more details on Jumpstart click here: Jumpstart

Athletics 4 Kids provide funding assistance for all BC children regrdless of their socioeconomic status. For more details on athletics4kid click here: athletics4kids

Meet Hosting Commitment: Swim meets hosted by Island Swimming Club offer the opportunity for our athletes to compete at home. This allows for parents and athletes to see the rewards of their training and in some cases, to see the best swimmers in the country compete. Swim meets raise considerable funds for our clubs and also save our families the cost of traveling to meets.  We are fortunate to have one of the best pools in North America, and Island Swimming is proud to host many swim meets each year. 

  1. Meet SupportFor meets hosted by Island Swimming, each family in the competitive program is required to volunteer for a number of meets deemed necessary by the meet organizers.  Parents will  be asked to help out at large meets where their child may not compete.
  2. Swim Meets: Most swim meets require hundreds of volunteer hours. For example, A Sunday morning iRace swim meet requires 16 timers, 1 starter and 2 prize people.  That is 19 volunteers for approximately 3 hours.  A  3 day meet like the Island Pacific Cup, in November, requires 32 timers, 2 starters, 2 referees, 18 stroke and turn officials, 12 office staff and 4 hostess volunteers for each session.  Most of these meets have 6 sessions, requiring a total of approximately 420 volunteer shifts for the meet.
  3. Officials training: Each official from Timers to Meet Referee requries training and certification.  All competitive families are asked to complete the Level 1 (Timer) training during their first season, and to continue their officials training to the highest level possible.
  4. Billeting:  Occasionally families may be asked to host an out of town swimmer at their during a hosted meet.  This a wonderful opportunity to meet swimmers from other clubs and forge new friendships.
  5.  Volunteer hours: Volunteer hours and Officials training, look good on your resume.  We also provide letters to students who volunteer as part of there required volunteer hours for school.

Team Travel & Activities: Swimmers using team travel or attending team functions may be provided with a cost estimate prior to the event.  Swimmers must deposit the estimated amount to their family accounts BEFORE they can attend.  Families are responsible for keeping their account current and up-to-date at all times. 

Meet Entry Deadlines/Fees: Swim meet entries are due more than a week in advance of the meet date. Swimmers who are entered in a swim meet are responsible for the payment of thier swim meet fees. Swimmers who scratch from the meet after the entry deadline will still be responsible for their meet fees. Host clubs will only refund meet entry fees with a doctor’s note given in advance of the meet start day.

Vacation/Illness Policy:  Group fees are based on an annual program. Therefore, refunds will not be given for vacation or illness. Account credits for extended illness (30 days or more) will only be considered with a doctor’s note and the approval of the Financial Manager. 

Withdrawals and Refunds If your swimmer is withdrawing from Island Swimming, please notify your coach immediately and you must provide written notification (email is preferred) to adminoffice@islandswimming.com. Your withdrawal will occur at the end of the month of the day that the Finance Manager is notified. Any outstanding family accounts must be paid in full before any post-dated payments are destroyed. 

Fundraising:  Island Swimming recognizes that today’s families are very busy and very few have spare time to spend raising funds.  However to ensure that fees remain affordable, we do need to have additional funds coming into the club.  We have some very easy ways to help out. 

  • Hosting Swim meets: This is explained above and is our "main source" of fundraising and is a great way to watch your child swim close-up as well as a fun way to make new friends in the club.  There is a job for everyone and volunteers usually get fed during their shift. 
  •  Swimathon  is a major Swimming Canada operated fundraising opportunity that Island Swimming will take part in.  You will recieve information as it is finalized.